Who Is Bertram Frank? Son Of Thomas Frank

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Bertram Frank is the son of Danish professional football coach and former footballer Thomas Frank

His dad's birthday is on 7th October. His mother's name is Nanna Theil Frank. He has two brothers, Alba Frank and Freja Frank. 

He is a Danish citizen

Bertram Frank's father Thomas Frank.
Bertram Frank's father Thomas Frank. Source: Pinterest

Married Life

Thomas is currently married to his wife, Nanna Theil Frank

The couple is the parents of three children, all of whom are sons. 

Family of Bertram Frank.
Family of Bertram Frank. Source: Brentford Nub News


Bertram's father, Thomas, is 48 years old. His height is 1.78 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Thomas is $5 Million. His source of income is a football manager.

Proud Of Losing The Match 

Thomas is currently the coach of Brentford FC.

Brentford had a match with Manchester United, but sadly his team lost the match with Manchester, but Thomas was not sad about that loss. 

After the end of the match, he was asked about the game, and Thomas said he was proud of his team. 

He said that team Manchester got lucky and got a chance to defeat his team. 

He said that his team nearly smashed the Manchester team in the first half, but sadly the game turned opposite in the second half. 

Although he and his team lost the match, he was happy and proud of his team's performance team lost the match 3-1. 

His team gave many chances to Manchester in the second half, which made them lose the game, but his team's overall play impressed him.

Thomas Has A Great Team 

A year back, Thomas'steam's team Brentford won the match and got promoted to the Premier League

It was an overwhelming moment for him as his team got promoted. 

While talking about his team's success, he was so happy that he struggled to express his happiness. 

He said that he deserved the win, and they achieved it. 

He has been in team Brentford for four years, and working with such staff and players feels amazing. 

Before that win, his team lost last season's match, but he was fine with it because football is all about winning and losing. 

Before he completed his interview, his team took him away and threw him up in the air. 

Thomas said that it was all because of the individual hard work of his team member.

Managers Are Criticized 

There is no doubt that Thomas is a great manager, but some people will always have problems with others, and such people create criticism. 

In football history, many cases have been criticized by FC managers. 

It is a kind of abuse. Steven Bruce, manager of Newcastle, left the team because he was abused. 

In the history of Thomas, he had never felt that he had been abused, and he is relieved about that. 

He said that if he felt he was being abused in the future, he would leave his manager's post. 

He has been criticized, but it hasn't affected him much, but if anything more happens, he has quit coaching, and he is sure about that.

Thomas Likes To Party

Thomas might be seen as quite a strict coach but off the pitch, he is a chill person. 

He revealed in an interview that he likes to party, and there is no time limit when he parties. 

It could be seen as he once partied up to 6 am with his team. 

He is now a father and a husband. Also, his age is growing. 

So, now he parties quite less compared to before. His wife and children stop him if he parties till late at night.

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