Who Is Besnik Sahatciu? Father Of Rita Ora

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Who Is Besnik Sahatciu? Father Of Rita Ora

Besnik Sahatciu is the father of British singer and songwriter Rita Ora. His wife’s name is Vera Sahatciu. 

He has two daughters, Rita and Elena Ora, and a son, Don Ora, with Vera. Besnik himself is a pub owner by his profession. 

He is a British citizen.

Besnik Sahatciu with his wife, Vera Sahatciu.
Besnik Sahatciu with his wife, Vera Sahatciu. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Rita

Rita is not married yet. However, she does have a boyfriend. She is currently in a relationship with TaikaWaititi.

She started dating him in 2021, and they are happily engaged to each other. 

Rita and Taika have also announced that they will tie the knot soon.

Daughter's Past Relationships

In 2013, Rita was in a relationship with Scottish DJ Collin Harris.

They dated for a year, and after that, they ended their relationship. After that, she had an affair with Andrew Watt

They were together for two years straight, and they broke up in 2018

In 2019 they again patched up, but they could not handle their relationship, so in October, they split up. 


His daughter Rita is 31 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Rita has a net worth of $30 Million

Children of Besnik Sahatciu.
Children of Besnik Sahatciu. Source: Instagram

Helping Poor People 

Rita is a well-known singer and has a huge fan base. 

She is also a kind-hearted person who believes in helping needy people. 

She worked in UNICEF, and through that organization, she helped many people in Kosovo.

Before joining UNICEF, Rita was unknown of the charities and poverty line that is present in the world. 

She always wondered if charities work or not. 

But when she saw the people of UNICEF working for poor people and using all the charities for the welfare of poor people, she was stunned. 

During her experience as a UNICEF worker, she saw that poverty existed two meters away from the UK. Charlie's outcome made her feel she wanted to be a UNICEF ambassador

She realized how much difference charities could make in those people's lives; through her platform, she can help many people living in poverty. 

Rita’s Mom Doesn’t See Her As A Superstar

In one of the interviews, Rita’s mom talked about Rita. 

Rita is now a celebrity and has been very successful in her career. 

She is a superstar, but her mom doesn’t see her as a superstar. 

For her mom, she is just her daughter, and of course, her mom is very proud to see her daughter doing the things that she loves. 

Her mom said that she sees Rita and her other daughter and son in the same way. 

Everyone is equal to her, and she treats her equally. 

Although Rita is famous worldwide for her mum, she will always be her child only. 

Her mom is a doctor, and she jokingly said that she has a real job. 

Her mom said that her job is real, like Rita’s job. 

Her mom had breast cancer when she was 39, and it was really hard for her to raise Rita and her siblings at that time. 

Rita Broke The Rule 

Back in 2020, Rita went to Egypt for her performance. 

After completing her performance in Egypt, she returned to the UK.

In 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic government made rules isolating the people traveling, but Rita broke the law. 

She had to isolate herself for two weeks, but instead of that, she threw a birthday party which made her charged with breaking the government's rules. 

She later said sorry for what she did and guilty of what happened. 

Dad Is Behind The Success 

Her parents raised Rita with her sister and brother in the UK.

She said that her whole family enjoyed music, and they all connected with it. 

Rita and her sister were very close to each other, and they loved singing. 

She recalled the memory of when she used to wait for Saturdays

Her dad owned the pub, and he let her sing in the pub every Saturday.

Her dad was the one who always supported her ans has done so many things. 

She said how her dad took time to spend time with her. 

If her dad wasn’t there with her, she couldn’t be where she is now. 

She credited her dad for her success in her music career. 

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