Who Is Betty Kay Overman? Mother Of Will Ferrell

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Who Is Betty Kay Overman? Mother Of Will Ferrell

Betty Kay Overman is the mother of actor, comedian, writer, and producer Will Ferrell.

She was married to Roy Lee Ferrell. Her husband used to play Saxophone and keyboards for the Righteous Brothers

They had two kids together. They got separated when Will was eight years old.

She is a former teacher who taught at Old Mill Elementary School and Santa Ana College

Betty Kay Overman's ex-husband and their son.
Betty Kay Overman's ex-husband and their son. Source: Pinterest

Son's Married Life

Will is married to Viveca Paulin. They tied the knot in 2000. He met his wife in an acting class

They have three kids from their marriage: Magnus, Mattias, and Axel. His wife is an art collector and an auctioneer

Family of Will Ferrell.
Family of Will Ferrell. Source: Pinterest


Her son, Will, is 56 years old

Net worth

Her son, Will, has an estimated net worth of $160 million

Betty Kay Overman with her son, Will Ferrell.
Betty Kay Overman and her son, Will Ferrell. Source: Pinterest

Will Shared His Swedish Christmas Traditions

Will's wife, Veveca, is Swedish

He said they throw a Swedish Christmas party every year, which is called Yulefest

At Yulefest, they drink Swedish vodka. He also knows how to sing Christmas songs from the country. 

Will Worked As Santa

Will shared that he was a mall Santa Claus when he struggled to make it to Hollywood as an actor

He revealed his Elf was Chris Kattan. He said they used to walk down old town Pasadena

He said they were hired to walk around Pasadena. He shared they walked for four straight weekends. 

He said they were not hired to be seated where people take pictures with them. 

He said they used to walk around and wish everyone a merry Christmas

He said people were fed up with them by the fourth weekend. 

Will's Elf Costume Was Sold For 300 Thousand Dollars 

Will played the role of Buddy Hobbs, also known as Buddy The Elf, in the comedy movie Elf.

In the movie, he wore a costume that someone bought from England

His costume was sold for $300k in an auction. It will aid in understanding why the bidder kept his identity secret. 

He said that his costume was incomplete as he kept the underwear with him, which he wore for 72 days while shooting. 

He joked that if the bidder were ready to reveal his identity, he would hand-deliver them.

Will Cried During A Football Match

Will owns a soccer team. He is a part of Los Angeles Football Club ownership

His team won the MLS Cup in 2022. He said it was a great experience to be associated with the sports business

He added it was embarrassing as he wept in front of his wife and kids during the final MLS match

He told his family that it was the most fantastic day of his life. 

He shared that the game went to penalty, and the penalty kicks started, and his team goalkeeper broke his leg while saving a goal. 

He said they had a backup goalkeeper who used to play for Philadelphia before. 

He said when they won the game, he took all his sons to the locker room, took photos, and drank Champaign on a cup.

Will Receive An Honorary Doctorate From The University Of California

Will believed that his doctorate was real even though they called it honorary. 

He shared he has never been in such a position as he was used to making fun of people and joking around. 

He said it was a difficult task to give a motivational speech to young kids. 

He told kids to keep their feet on the ground and reach for the stars, which he read on the back of the cereal box. 

He sang Whitney Houston's song at the end of his speech.

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