Bev Lambert

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Bev Lambert

Bev Lambert is the mother of Miranda Lambert, who is an American country singer and songwriter

Bev is married to Rick Lambert. Her husband was a police officer. Bev and her husband also worked as detectives too. 

Bev Lambert with her husband Rick Lambert 
Bev Lambert with her husband Rick Lambert    Source: Instagram

Bev has one daughter and one son with her husband. Bev is an American citizen. 

Bev Lambert children
Bev Lambert children  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Miranda Lambert

Miranda was married to Blake Shelton, a singer

They announced their engagement after dating for four years, and a year later, they got married. 

As their marriage didn't work, they divorced each other after four years of marriage. 

After divorcing her first husband, Lambert got into a relationship with Anderson East

They met each other at a music festival when Miranda separated from her husband in the same year. Miranda and East dated only for two years.

In 2018, Miranda dated Evan Felke. Evan Felke was accused by his wife, saying that he cheated on her with Miranda and separated from her. Miranda and Felke dated for just a year.  

Miranda finally got married in 2019 to Brendan McLoughlin, a police officer

She met him at a show. Her fans came to know about her marriage through her social media. 

They both married in Davidson Country, Tennessee. They had completed 2 years together and still counting on. 

They have no child together.

Miranda with his husband
Miranda with his husband  Source: Instagram

About Miranda Lambert

Miranda's full name is Miranda Leigh Lambert, an American singer and songwriter born 10 November 1983

She is the daughter of Rick and Bev. Miranda was raised with her brother by her parents. She was named after her great-grandmother. 

She started singing at a very young age. Her famous songs are Kerosene, Bluebird, Over You and Tin Man

She has been awarded for her songs. She has also won Grammy Awards. 

She is also the first artist to receive the Academy of Country Music Awards. She is married to Brendan McLoughlin.

Bev Lambert with her daughter Miranda Lambert
Bev Lambert with her daughter Miranda Lambert  Source: Instagram

Miranda And Her Husband Got Into An Accident

Miranda and her husband Brendan got into an accident while returning to Nashville from Georgia

Miranda opened up about their accident through her social media, where she shared photos and videos of their vacation. 

On the way, when they were coming back, a car came over speeding in the front of their car and a truck over there. 

Because of that, they were pushed away from their lane, and her husband lost control. 

Although it was a hard hit, both were not badly injured as her husband somehow got control of it and nothing worse happened.  

She said they got safe as her mother's prayers were with them and appreciated her husband's driving skill. 

They filed a case over that car and returned to Nashville.


Bev's daughter is 37 years old. 

Net Worth 

Bev's daughter Miranda's net worth is $70 Million. Her daughter's source of income is singing and songwriting

In America yearly salary of the singer is estimated to be $157,782.

A Woman Falsely Accused Miranda

The famous country singer Miranda was charged by a woman named Aisha Esbay. 

According to that woman, she blamed Miranda for getting stuck by Miranda many times. 

In the Texas bar where they were present, Aisha asked for an autograph with Miranda.

Because of that, an issue was created between them, and an argument started. 

She reported that Miranda pushed her while they were arguing.   

After the investigation conducted by police, it was known that the women lied about the whole incident. 

Miranda was freed from the accusations, and the woman who reported fake things was under arrest. 

Miranda Was Accused For Cheating Her Ex

Miranda was charged by her ex Jeff Allen that she cheated on him with her first husband, Blake Shelton

Miranda was also blamed by her ex-boyfriend Evan's wife that Miranda and Evan cheated on her. 

When Blake twitted on social media, indirectly pointing that he got cheated by Miranda, Jeff came up opening that Blake got slapped by the karma as Blake and Miranda both cheated on their ex-partners to be with each other. 

Jeff reported that he was engaged with Miranda while Miranda cheated on him with Blake

He opened up about this after 13 years, saying that he couldn't see Blake playing as a victim as if he got cheated. 

Jeff said that he received what he has given. 

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