Who Is Bill Aydin? Husband Of Jennifer Aydin

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Who Is Bill Aydin? Husband Of Jennifer Aydin

Bill Aydin is the husband of Jennifer Aydin. His wife is a TV personality known for starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey

He is a plastic surgeon by profession. They got engaged back in 2001 and tied the knot a year later. The two shares five kids together.

Family of Bill Aydin.
Family of Bill Aydin. Source: Instagram

Cheated On His Wife When She Was Pregnant With His Baby

Bills, a decade-old affair, came to the limelight. The co-star of RHONJ, Margaret Josephs, brought Bill's secret into the light on the show. 

In one episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer revealed that she was aware of his husband cheating. 

She said she knew about it ten days before she gave birth to her son Christin. But she never confronted him. 

They never talked about it at home as it would make things uncomfortable for Bill.

Jennifer said that she had not told their secret to anyone, not even her parents and closest friends.

Bill Aydin with his wife, Jennifer Aydin.
Bill Aydin with his wife, Jennifer Aydin. Source: Instagram


Billy is 44 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 80 kg.

Net worth

Billy's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as a plastic surgeon and TV personality.

Jennifer Shared That It Was Hurtful To Watch Her Fight With Dolores Catania

In the premiere of Real Housewife of New Jersey Season 13, Jennifer has a verbal fight with her friend Dolores Catania.

Their small quarrels turned into a wild and dramatic fight during the show's closing. 

They were very close friends of each other in the show, and that fight affected their bond. 

In an interview, Jennifer admitted that it was hurtful to watch them fight on camera. 

She said that she regrets some of the things she said to Dolores

She said it was a tough time for both of them, and the heat at the moment overrode both of them, and they didn’t think before saying anything. 

She said she apologized for some of the things she said to her, and they have been able to mend their friendship.

Jennifer Opened About Finding About Her Husband Affair

In an interview with Andy Cohen, Jennifer revealed that as soon as she knew about the infidelity, she asked him if he wanted a divorce. 

She said she cried all alone in her car as she didn’t want to cry in front of her kids, and her parents and in-laws were also staying with her at that time as she had just had a baby.

Bill apologized for cheating on her and asked her to forgive him. He was not ready to divorce her. 

She said that the next day he was flying to Miami, and she also followed him to Miami and asked her brother to call the hotel and say that his wife would be there to leave her a key to his room. 

She showed up in his room, and the fire sparked between them, and they got back together. 

After the Miami trip, their relationship became more vital than ever. 

She told herself she would forget everything and move on with him and promised never to discuss this topic. 

She said that in ten years, she had never thought about it once. She said he was a good man but had made a mistake at that point, and she had already forgiven him. 

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