Who Is Bill Manning? Father Of Taryn Manning

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Who Is Bill Manning? Father Of Taryn Manning

Bill Manning is the late father of actress and singer Taryn Manning.  He was married to Sharyn Manning

They are parents to their two kids, Taryn and Kellin. Bill was a musician

Bill was an addict, so his wife left with their two kids, and their marriage life ended.

He died when his daughter was 14 years old. He committed suicide. 

Bill Manning's wife and their daughter.
Bill Manning's wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Taryn Married?

Taryn is not married yet. She was engaged to Anne Cline, but they called for their engagement in 2021. She is not dating anyone.

Taryn Posted A Video About Having An Affair With A Married Man

On her social media, Taryn posted a video revealing that she was hooking up with a married man for three nights. 

She shared some private things that she did with him. She said she was so in love with that man that she came to buy him a boat. 

She shared he couldn’t stand his wife and said she felt sorry for his wife. She mentioned she was single, and the married guy came to her. 

She said his wife should not accuse her of being a maniac, threatened her to put her in jail, and warned her never to blame her. 


Bill was born in 1946 and died in 1993 at 47.

Net Worth

His daughter Taryn's net worth is estimated to be $4 million

Bill Manning with his daughter Taryn Manning. 
Bill Manning with his daughter Taryn Manning. Source: Instagram

Taryn Apologized For The Explicit Video She Posted 

Taryn posted a video where she shared that she was having sex with a married for three nights. 

She filmed the video in her car and said the married man's wife tried to get a restraining order against her. 

The video clip was deleted later, but the clip went viral online. 

After that, Taryn responded through her Instagram, where she wrote she took time to reflect on the situation. 

She shared she should have dealt with her feelings privately with the help of her friends and family. 

She mentioned she was deeply hurt, so she posted and said the truth. 

She said she regrets posting the video, but whatever she said was all true. 

She added she got into a relationship with a married man who promised her that he would leave his wife for her, but she knew it was impossible. 

Taryn Talked About The Counterblast She Got From White Woman

Taryn played the role of a racist white woman in the movie 'Karen.' She was the main lead in the film. 

She said she loved the script, so she decided to do Karen, but she got some backlash for playing Karen

In an interview, she said she still faced negative criticism. She added it was a shock for her. 

She admitted it was hard for her. She added she understood why people were calling her out, but that didn’t mean they hit her off. 

She said she was confused about whether to respond kindly or be rude to them. 

She said people love to get attention, and she knows about trolling, so she decided to deal with them kindly. 

She responded to that woman saying she didn’t mean to offend them personally. She said she was trying to do her job in the movie. 

Cleveland Abduction Will Always Be Special To Manning 

Manning played a victim who was kidnapped in the Lifetime's Cleveland Abduction. She said she wanted to do justice to her character. 

She shared the movie changed her life up and down. 

She said she hung out with the actual victim, Michelle Knight, which changed her life. She said she experienced positivity.

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