Who Is Billie Early? Mother Of Cameron Diaz

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Who Is Billie Early? Mother Of Cameron Diaz

Billie Early is the mother of actress, author, and former model Cameron Diaz. She was married to Emilio Diaz when she was 18. 

Billie's husband used to work as a field gauger in the pipeline department. By the time she was 21, she had two daughters with her late husband. 

They raised their daughters in long beach. Her husband died of Pneumonia in 2008. Billy used to work as an export/import agent

Billie Early's two daughters.
Billie Early's two daughters. Source: Pinterest

Cameron Decided To Retire From Her Acting Career Again

Camron decided to quit her Hollywood career in 2018. She took retirement from her acting career. 

But her close friend Jamie Foxx convinced her to come back to showbiz again. 

Per his request, she is about to return to films with Black In Action movie. 

According to some reports, Cameron hates the drama and confrontation on movie sets. 

This was the primary reason for her stepping out from acting. But, again, she is living the same life and facing the same drama.  

A source also said that Cameron struggles to manage time for her husband and daughter because of her busy schedule. 

She wants to spend more time with her three-year-old daughter. 

Also, Jamie had a meltdown on the set of Black In Action, where he fired four of the production staff. 

Daughter's Married Life

Cameron is happily married to musician Benji Madden. She met Benji in 2014 through her cousin. 

She met him through her friend Nicole Richie who was married o Benji's brother. 

They dated for a few months and got engaged in 2014. They tied the knot in 2015 in Beverly Hills

The wedding ceremony was very private. In 2019 they welcomed their daughter. 

Cameron Diaz with her husband, Benji Madden.
Cameron Diaz with her husband, Benji Madden. Source: Just Jared


Her daughter Cameron is 50 years old

Net worth

Her daughter Cameron's net worth is estimated to be $140 million

Guests Hide In Gwyneth Paltrow's Bathtub On Her Birthday

Cameron said that he is not into celebrating her birthday. But her husband loves grandly celebrating her birthday. 

She shared an incident when her husband arranged a surprise birthday party. 

He invited all of her close friends from the industry. But, unfortunately, she came to that party late as she didn’t know that her husband was throwing a surprise party at Gwyneth's house.

Jimmy Fallon revealed that they hid in a bathroom in a bathtub. He said they all were waiting for her. 

Cameron Talked About Her Comeback

Cameron is back to acting. She will be started alongside Jamie Foxx in the movie Back in Action.

She said the title of the movie was a perfect fit for her. She said she felt connected to her character already. 

She said she was feeling excited and nervous. 

She said she was into acting for a very long time and was familiar with all the processes, but still, she felt different after returning to the screen after nine years. 

She said she has worked with Jamie on two movies and said he is very professional and talented. 

She said she was excited to work with Jamie again. However, she said she was also nervous working with him as he is very quick and fast with his work.

Cameron Talked About Becoming A Mother

Cameron welcomed her daughter in 2019. She said she loved her journey as a mother. She said it was the best feeling in the world for her. 

She said she is very patient with her daughter. She checks on everything about her. 

She said that even though her daughter can’t communicate with her through words, she tries her best to understand her emotions and actions. 

She said it was a blessing for her. However, she also said that sometimes she also messed up things. 

Cameron's Comeback Movie Halted

Cameron came out of retirement after nearly a decade for the Netflix movie “ Back In Action”. 

The actress who retired from acting 8 years ago to solely focus on her family with her husband Benji Madden said in an interview that she was uncertain in the beginning if she can balance but her husband’s support made it possible. 

She said that her husband has been building a business for the last eight years and he appreciates the support she has given him and he wants to be able to show her that support so he is going to come along with their daughter and they are all going to make movies together.

Her comeback movie had to be halted when the crew found an exploded world war two bomb nearby River Thames where the stunt was to take place. 

The stunt was booked to take place at the dock. 

A 24-meter barrier was erected into the river, where the explosion would occur. They discovered the unexploded bomb in the water during the building of the set and keeping safety first, they canceled the whole thing.

They had to eventually film on a green screen at a studio in Surrey along with action which according to the sources also had to be canceled and also the cancellation caused a massive blow to the film. 

It was not the first time, the shoot came to a halt. 

Back in March, the shooting was halted after Jamie Foxx called in cops for investigation over an alleged plot to steal £33,000 from Foxx in a scam that caused him to fire one of the staff. 

Before that, he had also fired some of the senior producers on the spot out of rage.

Cameron Is Herself With Her Family And Friends

During the interview with HUMAN, Cameron talked about fame and shared her thoughts about fame. 

She said she didn't become an actor because she wants to be famous but being famous comes along with her job. 

When she is at her home or with her friend she is not some famous celebrity, she is herself. She is Cameron

She said fame doesn’t define her explaining that searching for fame to define oneself leads to unhappiness and that will always lead to searching for happiness.

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