Billy Gilmour - Is Sophie Weber His Girlfriend? Parents

by Pragya Sat May 25 2024 Updated On Sat May 25 2024
Billy Gilmour - Is Sophie Weber His Girlfriend? Parents

Billy Gilmour is a professional football player who plays for the Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion and also the Scotland National Team

He plays from the position of a midfielder. He was born on June 11, 2001, in Ardrossan, United Kingdom, to his parents, Carrie Gilmour and Billy Gilmour Sr.

He has a brother named Harvey. His nationality is British and Scottish. 

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Billy Gilmour with his parents Carrie Gilmour and Billy Gilmour Sr. and brother Harvey Gilmour
Billy Gilmour with his parents Carrie Gilmour and Billy Gilmour Sr. and brother Harvey Gilmour. Source: Instagram 
Billy Gilmour with his mother Carrie Gilmour
Billy Gilmour with his mother Carrie Gilmour. Source: Facebook 
Billy Gilmour with his father Billy Gilmour Sr. and brother Harvey Gilmour
Billy Gilmour with his father Billy Gilmour Sr. and brother Harvey Gilmour. Source: Twitter

Who is Billy's girlfriend? 

Billy Gilmour doesn't have a girlfriend and is currently single. 

However, there had been a lot of news circulating that he was dating a woman named Sophie Weber

The rumor is incorrect as Sophie Weber sounds a lot like Sophia Weber, who is currently dating German football player Kai Havertz

In July 2023, Sophia got engaged to Kai. She shared the happy news through her social media, showing her ring. 

So, they have been living together for a long time now. 

Billy was stalked by a woman?

Many football fans go to extreme levels for their idol, but in Billy's case, his stalker was not a fan of his but his teammate's ex-girlfriend.

The story starts in November 2020 when his teammate, Ben Chilwell, hosts a party at his home where Billy's other teammate, Mason Mount, meets a girl named Orla Melissa Sloan

Mason and Orla slept together and started dating. But after six months, Mason felt the relationship was not going to progress, so he broke up with Orla

Orla didn't take the break up well and started messaging Mason. Mason didn't want to contact her further, so he blocked her. 

Everytime Mason would block Orla, she would get a new number to contact him. Apparently, she bought about 21 new numbers to contact the footballer. 

Mason was afraid that Orla would ruin his professional career as she knew where he trained and might show up there. 

While she was trying to contact Mason, she was also communicating with his teammates, Ben and Billy to get a hold of Mason

Billy responded to her initial messages, but later, her constant messages started interrupting his life and made a negative impact on his life, professionally and personally. 

He couldn't eat or sleep and had to take sleeping tablets. Since he was away from his friends and family and in a new town, the incident disturbed him a lot. 

Orla was later found guilty of stalking and harassing the footballers and causing serious alarm or distress.

Age and net Worth 

Billy is 22 years old. He has a net worth of $4 Million. His source of income is football.

Billy’s relationship with manager 

Billy has been playing for the club Brighton and Hove Albion since 2022. He is one of the hardworking, talented players on the squad. 

Billy talked about the club’s manager and opened up about how the manager has always supported him. 

He also credited the manager for inspiring him, as even when Billy didn’t play games, the manager frequently texted him with simple messages and tactics. 

He has a good relationship with the manager, and even in Billy’s off-season, when he was not even playing, the manager continuously reminded him to believe in himself and work hard. 

When he finally made it into the Brighton senior team, he wanted to prove to the manager by giving his best.

Billy was always focused? 

Billy started playing football when he was just a little boy. He grew up in Irvine, Scotland, and many people from that area knew who Billy was. 

They had seen him playing in the streets with football when he was just a little boy. 

He has always been a focused boy, and even when he was young, he only focused on playing football. 

He didn’t go anywhere except school. For him, it was just school to home and play football with his friends when he had free time. 

His mom also said that Billy has always been a good child. 

In the area where Billy grew up, teenagers used to go to the pub and drink, but Billy never drank anything. 

He knew what he wanted to do, and for that, he always trained himself and gave his everything to it. 

Did Billy hate his dad? 

Billy has been involved in football for a long time now. His dad was also a footballer and his coach. 

He started playing when he was a boy, and when he was young, he always enjoyed seeing his dad play. 

His dad played in the midfield position, and seeing him play, Billy got an inspiration to play like him. 

When Billy joined the boys club, his dad was the coach of the club, and whatever Billy learned about football, he learned from his dad. 

His dad was always pushing him through his limits to make him better. But growing up, he hated his dad. 

His dad was kind of harsh to him, and even though he managed to play well and score goals, his dad would pick at him. 

They always had arguments, but as Billy grew up, he realized that his dad was just trying to make him the best.

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