Billy Stamos

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Billy Stamos

Billy Stamos is the son of an American actor, producer, musician, and singer John Stamos

His mother's name is Caitlin Mc Hugh. His mother is a model by profession. He is American

Billy Stamos parents
Billy Stamos parents  Source: Instagram

Parents Relationship

John was in a relationship with Rebecca Romijn. They met each other at a fashion show, after which they started dating and fell in love. 

They both dated each other back in 1994. After dating each other for some years, they got engaged. 

In 1998 they tied the knot. They stayed as husband and wife for seven years and after that got separated.

John dated Caitlin McHugh, a model, and actress for a year and got engaged. 

They got engaged in 2017, and in the same year, his fiancé was pregnant with his first child. 

They took their wedding vows in February 2018. They gave birth to their first child, a son, in April 2018

As of today, they are still together and happily living with each other. 

John with his wife and son
John with his wife and son  Source: Instagram 

About Father John Stamos 

John’s full name is John Philip Stamos is an actor, producer, musician, and singer born on August 19, 1963

He is well known for his role as Jesse Katsopolis on Full House. He was born to Willian Bill Stamos and Loretta Phillips

At the start of his career, he played his first-ever role in General Hospital

He has worked in many TV shows and gained huge success from his work. He is a married man and has a son.

Billy Stamos with his father, John
Billy Stamos with his father, John  Source: Instagram

Billy Is Not Like His Parents 

Billy is the adorable son of John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh Stamos

In an interview with "People," Billy's dad, John, and his mom Caitlin opened up many things about him and explained why they are such a good parent. 

They both talked about his son and opened up that Billy doesn't like to watch his dad John on TV. 

The only scene that Billy has watched about his dad is him getting beaten by the monkey because he loves monkeys. 

Another thing that Billy's parents revealed is that he has a girlfriend named Bella, and he had sent pictures to his dad with his girlfriend hugging and kissing. 

As Billy is too young, his dad John thought it was very early for that little boy to do those things. 

Billy's mom said she liked her kid in bed because he was much calmer. 

Billy's family had times for different things, like tickle time and record, and John absolutely loves those times. 

Billy has weird habits of kicking his innerwear, and one time it got into John's face. 

John and his wife opened up that they are good parents and they had promised each other that they wouldn't fight with each other. 

John's wife even took a parenting class and learned lots of things from other parents.

They wanted their child to be disciplined and try hard to understand Billy's emotions when he does something. 

John said that his wife is the best mom his child could ever have. He's proud to be a father of such a cute child and happy that he had got such a great wife. 

John then talked about his dates and wife and felt too romantic. 

They had a lot of fun talking about his son enjoyed the interview. 

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

John Lost His Aura Ring 

John Stamos gave an interview to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" where he talked about his son, podcast, and movie "Bigshot.

John has earned millions of fans through his acting skills. He was back there in an interview after a long time staying in lockdown. 

He said he missed the whisper with every interviewer whenever he entered the show. 

He then talked about the aura ring he purchased after listing Jimmy and some other known friends. 

He was told that he would be stress-free with the help of that ring, and it would also help his sleep. 

The interviewer added that the ring also measures the heartbeat and stress level and shows it in-app. 

But sadly John lost his ring and t was quite an expensive one. He was happy to be there in that interview.

After the interviewer asked him about his family, he then talked about his son. He has a four-year-old son named Billy

His son is hilarious because he does very strange things. He also showed how his sons pee and his son asks them to wipe him. 

His son is a big fan of Beetlejuice, which he drank in the studio one time back. 

The interviewer also opened up that his children say buttholes, and they love saying that word which sounds awful, and whenever he tries to stop them, they repeat those words, so he feels pointless to stop them. 

His son loved watching John but after watching him spanked by monkeys, his son doesn't like watching him on TV. 

His son took his word very seriously, and one time, his son was on a playdate, and there Billy had to kiss his friend.

His friend was not comfortable doing that, so he resisted Billy, but he said that his dad had taught him to try again and again. 

The whole interview was fascinating. To know more, do check the interview. 


Billy was born in 2018 and has celebrated his third birthday in 2021.

Net Worth 

The net worth of John is $25 Million. He earns as being an actor, producer, musician and singer

John Stamos Was Not Appreciated

John has gained a name for himself from his show Full House. He was given a role in a few parts of the show Friends

There was a live audience in the show, and John was nervous for his part. 

He did the rehearsals very smoothly, and he was ready with his line and dialogs. 

The show director said that he should not start acting immediately when he enter in the show. 

He should wait for a bit for the audience to applause. Surprisingly, when he entered the show, no one appreciated his presence. 

He was too much disappointed in that situation. His presence was not appreciated. 

He did continue to act his part and did well. But the audience disappointed him.

John Stamos Arrested For A Drinking And Driving Case

After his show “Full House” went a hit, John became popular. 

The media always follows him, and many people look up to him. It shocked his fans that he was arrested for an illegal act. 

Some of the people on the streets called the police and complained that John was driving under the influence of drugs

He was then stopped in Los Angeles and taken to hospital for medical reasons. 

After that, he was arrested and taken into custody. On his behalf, an attorney joined the court to have a result. 

Beverly Hills Police investigated his case.

John Loves Helping The Needy

John have earned a lot of money through his career and business, but he is never fails to contribute to the society as well. 

In addition, he loves to help needy people. He likes kids, which is why he went into a jewelry line. 

He is seen to earn a satisfactory amount of profit from the jewelry line and all the profit goes directly to a child helping organization. 

The organization then uses the money for the benefit of disabled and needy kids. 

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