Who Is BJ Murphy? Ex-Husband Of Christian Chavez

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Who Is BJ Murphy? Ex-Husband Of Christian Chavez

BJ Murphy is an ex-husband of singer, songwriter, and actor Christian Chavez. They got married in 2005 and parted ways in 2009

There was a report that BJ Murphy was physically abusive during the marriage, which Chavez later denied. 

He said that both of them have love and respect for one another and clarified that their marriage didn’t end badly.

Is Christian Dating Anyone?                   

Christian is not seeing anyone at the moment. He is single.

BJ Murphy's ex-husband, Christian Chavez.
BJ Murphy's ex-husband, Christian Chavez. Source: Instagram


Christian is 40 years old. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall. He weighs around 145 lbs.

Net worth

Christian's net worth is estimated at $1- $5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a singer, songwriter, and actor

When Did Christian Know About His Sexuality?

Christian said that when he was a kid, he knew he was different and belonged to a diverse community. 

He shared that when he talked about his sexuality openly in front of the media, it made him realize that he was part of the LGBTQ community.

Obstacles Chavez Faced He Faced Before He Came Out

Chavez is from Mexico, and he comes from Latino society. He said society has always been a double standard. 

He said that society did not have an idea about being different. He said the first and foremost obstacle was religion. 

He said that he was scared of showing his true self. He said he was living a lie, and because of that, he got into drug addiction and depression. 

He said he even thought of killing himself.

Why Did Chavez Decide To Come Out To The World?

Chavez shared that when he was 16, he thought God knew about him and didn’t like him, so he asked God to change him. 

He said he used to spend several nights thinking he was terrible and feeling sorry for himself. 

Later, he realized that God didn’t change anything about him and understood that he should love himself and embrace himself the way he was. 

He said he talked to his producers when people were trying to sell stories of him being married to a woman. There is nothing wrong with coming out as gay, if you are an actor or not. 

He wanted to make changes in the movie industry and decided to talk about his sexuality openly. 

He shared that his family was his most extensive support system. He added at first, they were scared, but they accepted him the way he was. 

Christian Talked About Accepting Himself

Chavez said that his life has changed ever since he came out. 

He said he has started to feel himself and embrace himself in a humongous stage. He thanked God for helping him to get through all of these. 

He said everything will get better with time. 

He shared there was a photo of him when he was five years old next to his bed, and every day when he wakes up, he looks at that photo and tells him that he is doing this for him. 

He said it took him so long to accept his sexuality fully. He added he has a purpose in life. 

He shared that when he meets people, they tell him they got inspired by his story and gathered the courage to come out in front of their parents, and it makes him happy and grateful for everything.

Chavez Talked About RBD Union

Chavez was part of a Latin pop group called RBD. The pop group is all set to do their reunion tour. 

The group is coming back together after so long, and people have been asking about it for a long time. 

He said he still can’t believe the young kids listen to their songs. He added he was still pinching himself. 

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