Blanca Clemente – Meet Wife Of Alvaro Morte

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Blanca Clemente – Meet Wife Of Alvaro Morte

Blanca Clemente shares the relationship of a spouse to Alvaro Morte. Originally, she belongs to Spain where she shares Spaniard nationality. 

Professionally, she serves as a stylish and a producer. By religion, she is Christian. 

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Blanca Clemente with her husband Alvaro Morte in Paris
Blanca Clemente with her husband Alvaro Morte in Paris. Source: Instagram

Get to Know about Blanca’s husband

Blanca’s husband, Alvaro, was born in Algeciras and later shifted to Bujalance, Cordoba, along with his entire family. 

Alvaro studied communications engineering and then switched to dramatic art. 

Alvaro graduated from Cordoba’s Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico in the year 1999

Not only this, he also attended post-graduate studies at Tampere University

Alvaro made his debut in acting in the Spanish TV series Hospital Central, where he portrayed a small role. 

In 2012, Alvaro established the theatre company 300 Pistolas in relation to his career in acting. 

Blanca Clemente with her husband Alvaro Morte
Blanca Clemente with her husband Alvaro Morte. Source: Facebook


Blanca is said to be in her early 40s.

Net worth

According to some sources, Blanca's net worth is estimated to be around $250 thousand.

She managed to earn this fortune through her career as a stylist and a producer. 

Her husband has a net worth of $7 million.

Net worth$7 million
Income sourceSpanish actor

Alvaro suffered from Cancer

Alvaro suffered from cancer. The artist had opened up about his battle regarding his hard times. 

Even before Money Heist came out, he found out that he was diagnosed with cancer. 

In 2011, the artist went through a cancerous tumor in his left leg. He also revealed he thought he would die or get his leg amputated. 

He recalled a doctor wearing a white coat with his stethoscope on it saying to him that he had a lot of time to live on this earth. 

He stated that the tumor was only a temporary health issue. 

In a conversation with Cocktail Magazine, he revealed if he died in three months, he could do it calmly. 

He also had several questions in his mind, thinking if he had respected the people around him who loved him? or if he had been faithful to his principles. 

However, after finding out he beat the ailment, he started enjoying each and every moment of his life. 

Parents of two twins

Beautiful couple Blanca and Alvaro share two fraternal twins, a son and a daughter. They named their kids Leon and Julieta

The couple is often spotted going on beautiful vacations. Back in August 2017, Alvaro shared a beautiful clip of their kids enjoying their vacation in Mallorca

Every year, on the occasion of Father's Day, Alvaro posts a picture with his children. 

On March 19, 2021, he posted an adorable picture playing with his twins and captioned the photo, saying he honestly doesn't think there is anything better. 

He wished everyone a happy Father's Day and his father as well, wherever he may be. 

Blanca Clemente husband Alvaro Morte and children
Blanca Clemente husband Alvaro Morte and children. Source: Instagram

On March 11, 2022, Alvaro posted a picture with his wife Blanca. It seems like the family of four went on a vacation to Paris. 

The adorable picture of the couple was taken by their daughter Julieta.

Some unknown facts regarding the actor

One of the first points is that the actor had given altogether five auditions in two months in order to get the role of the Professor

It’s been stated that to get the role of EI Professor, the artist had to compete with many other artists. 

He had to beat the A-list actors like Raymond Reddington and Michael Scofield

Other than this, the actor had revealed his mixed feelings about the Money Heist's success. He stated how things had changed for him at the professional level. 

He feels grateful for it but when it comes to his personal life, he told how it is tough for him as it lacks secrecy. 

He said that his family feels like they are being watched all the time, and for it, he needs to protect them.

Alvaro won't appear as Professor in Money Heist Spinoffs

Money Heist spinoffs, Berlin, premiered on December 29, 2023. However, Alvaro will not be playing the role of Professor in the spinoff series. 

He said he would not be a part of Berlin as he wanted to kind of protect The Professor

He added it is a character that gave him so many beautiful things and is a character he loves so much that he wouldn't like to make just a cameo. 

He also said that he is happy and satisfied with how the original series wrapped up the character's storyline. 

He loved the Money Heist family and had been with them for years, but he doesn't think he made what he had to make.

However, he would definitely return to the Money Heist franchise after a decade for a sequel series if it would reunite him with his original cast.

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