Bobbye Sonnier- Tragedy Of Jo-El Sonnier Wife

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Bobbye Sonnier- Tragedy Of Jo-El Sonnier Wife

Bobbye Sonnier is the wife of American singer, songwriter, and accordionist late Jo-El Sonnier.

Bobbye was born in Louisiana and shares a passion for music. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Married And Children

Bobbye was married to Jo-El. They were married to each other for more than three decades and shared a son named Clayton Sonnier.

They also had another son named Larry, but he died when he was 21.

She was very supportive of her husband and had been there for him. Bobbye was married to Jo-El until death parted them in 2024. 

Bobbye Sonnier and her husband, Jo-El Sonnier.
Bobbye Sonnier and her husband, Jo-El Sonnier. Source: Instagram

Got Sweet Anniversary Post From Her Husband 

In 2017, Bobbye’s late husband wished her on their 25th marriage anniversary.

She and her husband shared a great marriage and were very happy. 

Bobbye's husband Jo-El's post on Facebook clearly showed his love for him. 

He wrote that their love has just increased with the passing years. 

Although they have been together for over two decades, it felt like just yesterday, and he mentioned that he will always love her.

About Bobby's Late Husband Jo-El 

Jo-El was a singer, songwriter, and accordionist. He was well known for performing country music and Cajun Music.

He was born in 1946 to his parents, Lemius and Eunice Sonnier. He had his birthday on October 2.

 Bobbye Sonnier's late husband, Jo-El Sonnier.
Bobbye Sonnier's late husband, Jo-El Sonnier. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Jo-El was 77 years old. He had a net worth of $7 Million. His source of income was singing. 

Accordion Kept Jo-El Quite

Jo-El got attached to music when he was just a little boy. 

In an interview, he shared the story of the first instrument he played. 

Jo-El played his first instrument when he was three years old, which was an accordion. 

His parents were the ones who got him to play accordion and it was to keep him quiet. 

As a little boy, he was very naughty, so during his visit to their friend, Jo-El's dad got him an accordion from someone and kept it in his lap so that he stayed quiet. 

It worked perfectly because he kept quiet after he got the accordion. 

At that time, the accordion was just a little toy for him, but he remembered how it sounded and looked. 

After that, he started noticing the accordion sound wherever he went and quietly listened to it. 

He got hooked on the instrument and learned how to play it.

Jo-El Had A Great Time Working With Eddie

Jo-El had a great friendship with the late famous country singer Eddie Raven.

They both worked together on songs and toured together. Jo-El had a great relationship with Eddie, and during their time touring and working together, he had the best times. 

Also, he shared about the first time he shared the stage with Eddie in an unplanned concert. 

Jo-El was in the audience when Eddie called him on the stage and asked if he knew the lyrics of Moon Asking.

Jo-El had heard that song several times but never sang, so he told Eddie that he didn’t know the lyrics. 

After that, Eddie walked him through the lyrics and performed a duet together. 

It was an excellent experience for Jo-El, and after that, they decided to work on the song Cajun Cooking, which turned out fantastic.

Jo-El Died Doing What He Loved

Jo-El was one of the legendary musicians who spent his whole life in his music career. 

He enjoyed playing instruments, singing, and doing shows. Sadly, the musician is no more, as he died on January 13, 2024.

A day before his death, he was in Texas and performed there. 

On the day he died, he was in Lano, Texas, doing his show, making it his last performance. 

After a long performance, Jo-El took a break and rested before appearing in front of fans for an autograph. 

Unfortunately, he suffered a heart attack and was rushed for treatment but didn’t survive. 

His wife, Bobbye, was there with him at the time of his death, and he died doing what he loved the most.

His death is a tragedy for his family and fans.

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