Bodhi Ransom Green – Meet Son Of Megan Fox

by Manisha Sun Jul 23 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 17 2024
Bodhi Ransom Green – Meet Son Of Megan Fox

Bodhi Ransom Green is the son of actress Megan Fox. He was born on February 12, 2014, in Los Angeles, California. He has two siblings and one half-sibling. 

His father is Brian Austin Green, who is an actor. His parents got separated in 2020

Since his mother followed Buddhism, the inspiration behind his name was the religion. 

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Bodhi Ransom Green with his father Brian Austin Green and siblings
Bodhi Ransom Green with his father Brian Austin Green and siblings. Source: Instagram

Is Megan Fox dating anyone?

Megan is in a relationship with singer-songwriter Machine Gun Kelly

After separating from her ex-husband, she met Kelly in 2021 on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. 

Megan revealed that Kelly did the movie just because he wanted to meet her. 

They shared that they felt an immediate connection when they met for the first time. They started dating each other from then.

There was a rumor that they broke up with each other, but later, they said that they were working on their relationship. 

They got engaged in 2022, but they are not getting married anytime soon since the couple is sorting out their issues and trying to make it work. 

In February of 2024, an insider revealed that therapy and open communication are playing pivotal roles in their relationship dynamics, and the couple is prioritizing constructive dialogue and personal growth. 

On February 12, 2024, Megan and Kelly attended a Super Bowl after-party. On March 4, 2024, they went on a romantic getaway to Mexico


Bodhi Ransom Green is Ten years old

Net worth

His mother's net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actress.

Megan talked about coping with dysmorphia

Megan said that she has not overcome body dysmorphia. 

She said she still feels anxious and embarrassed about her looks, so she tried to avoid social events as much as she could. 

She said it is very hard for her to cope with it as she is a public figure, and people will judge you and criticize you about how you look. 

She said they would find every single fault in her body and talk about it. So, she tries to attend a few events as it will worsen her dysmorphia. 

She said she was dealing with it as best as she can. 

Fame made Megan an introverted person

Megan said that she was never an introverted person. She said that the limelight she has got has given her trauma. 

She said she was a sensitive person, so it was really hard to deal with fame and the spotlight. She said she hid for several years because of it. 

She said she shut down herself to a quite place rather than going out and enjoying. 

Now, she has learned to deal with fame and admitted that sometimes she enjoys the limelight.

Megan drinks blood with her partner

Megan and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged in 2022. They drank each other blood after the proposal. 

She said people mistook them as goblets, and she clarified that they consume a few drops of each other's blood occasionally as a part of ritual purposes. 

She said they do that for a reason, and they do it in a controlled way. She shared that her partner is very chaotic when it comes to shedding blood. 

She added sometimes he is willing to cut his chest open with broken glass and offer his blood, but it has not happened in reality. 

Megan thinks that social media is evil

Megan said she has Instagram, but she has hired someone to post for her and say things on behalf of her, but she never physically uses social media. 

She said with access to the internet and the popularity of social media platforms, bullying, and body shaming has become even worse. 

She does not want someone's negative energy to affect her. 

She said she does not want to be the topic of gossip for someone else and does not want to read negative comments about her.

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