Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana- Truth About Zoe Saldana Son

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Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana- Truth About Zoe Saldana Son

Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana is the son of American actress Zoe Saldana

His father's name is Marco Perego Saldana. He has a twin brother named Cy Aridio Perego Saldana and a younger brother named Zen Perego-Saldana

He is six years old. He is in the 1st grade of school. He is American by his nationality. 

Bowie's childhood photo with his family
Bowie's childhood photo with his family  Source: Instagram

Parents Relationship

His mother, Zoe, was in a relationship with Keith Britton previously. He is an actor and CEO of a fashion center.

They both dated in 2000 and were engaged in 2010. They had a decade-long relationship with each other.

They both ended their relationship in 2011, a year after their engagement. 

After that, Zoe briefly dated Bradley Cooper for a year and broke up with him.

After breaking up with Bradley, Zoe started dating Marco Perego. They dated in 2013 and married in the same year.

They married in London. Her husband is an Italian artist by his profession. A year after the marriage, they gave birth to their twin children. 

After that, in the year 2017, Zoe again gave birth to his third son. Zoe and Marco are still together. 

They are happily living with their three children. They have already completed eight years of togetherness and still counting more.

Parents of Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana
Parents of Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana  Source: Instagram 

About Mother Zoe Saldana 

Zoe's full name is Zoe Yadira Saldana Nazario is, an actress born on June 19, 1978

Her parents raised her in Passaic, New Jersey, with his sisters. She lost her father when she was nine years old after. 

She showed more interest in acting and pursued an acting career as she grew up. She started her acting career in 1999

She has shown her appearance in many science fiction movies. 

She is well known for her role in the Avatar series and the movie Guardian of the Galaxy

Because of her role play in those movies, she has earned popularity and success. 

As of now, she is married and happily living with her children and husband.

Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana with his mother and siblings
Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana with his mother and siblings  Source: Instagram

Blessed to have twins 

Zoe Saldana gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she talked about the struggles of having twins. 

Zoe welcomed her twin's baby with her husband, and while giving this interview, her babies were six and half months old. 

She said that having kids are blessing in life, and she is happy to have two adorable babies. 

Zoe then opened up about the struggles of having twins. It has been very difficult for her to raise two children at once. 

She said she had to do the same things twice and talked about changing babies' diapers. 

She changes one baby's diaper, and then she has to repeat the same things to another one. 

She told about sleep training as she and her husband have a hard time making their kids sleep. 

She puts one baby to sleep, and the next one starts crying, and both of them start crying at once. 

After watching their babies cry, Zoe and her husband also start crying. 

She revealed the methods to make children fall asleep. She opened up about one of her sister's methods and told her that it didn't work. 

They tried that method on their children, and they kept going with that trick for 45 minutes, and it was a complete failure. 

As the trick didn't work, her husband got mad at that idea, saying that her sister and sister's husband were insensitive and used that method on their child.

Sometimes she feels like keeping them in a separate room, but then she thinks that they came into the world together, and it feels so unfair to separate them. 

She said that she has been speaking with her children in Spanish, Italian and English, and she has no idea how and which language they will learn.

Zoe Inspiring women

Zoe talked about many inspiring things in an interview. She started the interview by saying that she can do anything men can do. 

The interviewer told her that many women worldwide think that they are incapable of doing things that men can do as they aren’t raised by that mindset, so she wanted Zoe to inspire them. 

Zoe said that she doesn’t only think that she can do things that men can do, but she is confident about that. 

She opened up that she had a hard time accepting the religious fact that god created one creature less than another. 

She thinks that fact is unnatural, and she doesn’t agree. She feels that one human can never be less than another human. 

Zoe said that she can deal with anything around her with all the respect and she expects that same respect for her as well. 

She said that if anyone thinks that they can change her, they are very wrong because it will never happen. 

After listening to Zoe, the interviewer praised her for having such good knowledge and her confidence. 

She said that all people are equal and have the right to prove that they are not less than any other. So she wants women to embrace that thing by themselves. 

She said that any sex, race or nationality does not define her. The only thing that she knows is that she is Zoe. She is the daughter of her parents, and she is what she has to be. 

She loves being herself, and the thought of being like somebody else never crossed her mind. 

She then talked about the women who are restricted and judged for everything that they do. They are judged for what they wear, their body, and many more. 

She wants women to know that no matter what people say, make sure that they know what they want for themselves and what they want to do.

Shooting During Pandemic 

In the Interview with TODAY podcast, Zoe talked about her movie The Adam Project which she shot during the pandemic. 

She was there in the interview and shared her experience doing that movie. Zoe opened up that she enjoyed doing it and she loved how that movie covered all the movie genres and balanced out so well. 

It has comedy, action, adventure, and emotions. She also completed the director of the movie Shawn Levy for balancing all the genres in one story. 

The Adam Project movie was all about the person who time traveled and the person was Zoe's husband who is played by Ryan Reynolds

The whole movie was shot at the time of the pandemic and Zoe was so scared and confused because she didn't risk anyone's health by going out during the pandemic.  

She took some time and then said yes to the movie. She shot for only 6 days for the movie and all her work was really fast. She didn't get time to rehearse her stunts. 

While shooting that movie she only got a chance to work with Ryan and he was the only co-star that she had with her during her shoot. She didn't meet any other co-stars in the movie. 

She got to speak to her one of her co-stars Mark virtually only.  

She finally got to meet all the co-actors from the movie during the press meet and they were so busy with each other that they forget that they were at the press meet. 

The interviewer then asked Zoe about what she would do if she was able to travel back in time. 

For that Zoe replied that if she gets able to go back and travel the time then she would relive all the happy moments again because she wants to experience them again. 

She would meet her grandma and dad because she misses them a lot.

Age, Height, And Weight

He was born on November 27, 2014. His seventh birthday was on November 27, 2021

His height and weight are variable as he is a growing kid.

Net Worth 

He is only a school-going boy, so information about his net worth is not available. 

His mother has a net worth of $35 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The yearly income of an American actress is $218,000 per year.

Zoe Saldana In Three Super Hit Fictional Movies

Zoe is a big name among her fans as she has done tons of super hit movies and played her role brilliantly. 

Her hits include three super hit fictional movies that are people's favorite. 

The movies are Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardian of the Galaxy. These are the most popular movie by Zoe, which people of all age groups watch.

Family of Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana
Family of Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana   Source: Instagram

Zoe Saldana Is A Pure-Hearted Person

Zoe is a brilliant actor when it comes to the versatility of acting. Besides being a great actor, she is also a great and kindest person. 

Being a celebrity, people try to stay away from unwanted incidents, but in the case of Zoe, she is not like that. 

Zoe proved it when she saw an accident in Los Angeles. She was driving on the street when she came across the accident. 

She immediately came out of the car and rushed to check on the victim woman involved in an accident. 

The woman was injured badly. Zoe took her in sideways and called the ambulance. 

She stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived and made sure she was okay. 

After she safely took the woman to the ambulance. Her fans appreciated her for her kindness.

Zoe Saldana Was Criticized For Discriminating The Color

Zoe has done many movies, and many of them were truly appreciated. But as it is said that luck doesn't always favor you. 

Although her acting was great still was criticized for the role of Nina Simone

It was the biopic of Nina Simone. Zoe's skin was shown to be darker than it was in reality. 

This made people criticize her for bringing up discrimination in skin color. 

Also, the overall movie portrays Nina differently that was not liked by audiences. 

Zoe later apologized for playing that role to everyone. She confessed that she belonged and was proud of the black community. 

Her director also defended her, saying that Zoe's work was the best, but the movie was different from expected.

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