Brenda Harvey-Richie – Tragedy Of Lionel Richie Ex-Wife

by Manisha Mon Jul 24 2023 Updated On Mon Mar 25 2024
Brenda Harvey-Richie – Tragedy Of Lionel Richie Ex-Wife

Brenda Harvey-Richie is the ex-wife of singer Lionel Richie. They married in 1975 and were high school sweethearts. 

They adopted their friend's child named Nicole as they were suffering financially and were getting separated. 

They got separated back in 1988, but their divorce proceeding went till 1993

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Brenda Harvey-Richie with her daughter Nicole
Brenda Harvey-Richie with her daughter Nicole. Source: Instagram

Brenda and Lionel's marriage ended on a bad note

Brenda found that her friend, Diane Alexander, and her husband, Lionel, were having an affair. She caught them together and attacked them physically. 

After that incident, she was arrested and charged with corporal injury to a spouse, trespassing, vandalism, battery, disturbing the peace, and resisting arrest. 

Their divorce was finalized in 1993. After that, her ex-husband married her friend Diane Alexander

It seems like the ex-couple has put their past behind them, and now they are close to each other. 

Brenda is close to Lionel's children from his second marriage, Sophie Richie and Miles Brockman Richie. 

Brenda also attended Sophie's wedding in April 2023

Brenda Harvey-Richie with her ex-husband Lionel Richie and daughter Nicole
Brenda Harvey-Richie with her ex-husband Lionel Richie and daughter Nicole. Source: Instagram


Brenda Harvey-Richie is 74 years old. She was born on September 2, 1952, in Alabama, United States

Net worth

Brenda Harvey-Richie's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. She has managed to earn her fortune from her career in music and as an entrepreneur.

Who is Lionel's girlfriend?

Richie is in a relationship with Lisa Parigi. His girlfriend is forty years younger than him. 

They met each other at a dinner party and were introduced to each other through a mutual friend. 

Talking about their first meeting, Lisa said that they had a great conversation and they spoke all night long about everything.

They have been dating each other for more than a decade. In an interview, he gushed about his girlfriend. 

He said he is a man who has been through the ups and downs, in and out of love, but he is still a hopeless romantic.

He added that Lisa is an extremely beautiful and smart woman who helped him deal with the world. 

Richie also said that Lisa makes everything feel a bit safe for him. 

Lisa is the CEO of a lifestyle brand, The Estate Collection, and a skincare line, Glow Up Beauty

She is from Switzerland. She is seen with Richie at several events. They have dogs. She is also very close to his kids. 

Brenda Harvey-Richie ex-husband Lionel Richie with his girlfriend Lisa Parigi
Brenda Harvey-Richie ex-husband Lionel Richie with his girlfriend Lisa Parigi. Source: Instagram

Richie shared his thoughts on turning 70

Richie said that on his 70th birthday, he was going to find some quiet place in the world and sit there quietly. 

He said that after his birthday is over, he will be back to his normal life. He said that his life is a party itself, and he does not like to throw big parties. 

He shared that he had been working the whole time, so he wanted some peace and silence on his birthday.

Richie talked about his photo with King Charles

Richie has been friends with King Charles for around 40 years. He has met him a couple of times. In 2019, he met King Charles again. 

He said he had to follow certain protocols, so he walked to him and addressed him as Your Highness, and he replied he was looking for him. 

He was taken aback by his response. He said he is a very funny person, and nobody knows about his humorous side. 

King Charles cracked some jokes, and they laughed.

Richie shared an incident when Stevie Wonder scared him to death

Richie and Stevie are very close friends. He said that Stevie is a very funny person and a practical joker. 

He said one night, he went to his house, and he said he wanted him to listen to one record, so he pulled out a cassette. 

Stevie called him to join him in his car. They sat on the driver's side, and Richie sat on the passenger seat. 

After that, Stevie put the cassette in and started to push the car in reverse down the driveway. 

He was so scared that he asked Stevie to stop, and at that time, Stevie revealed that he was pranking him. 

Richie talked about judging American idol

Richie has been judging the reality singing show American Idol since 2018. He said the audition process of the show is amazing. 

He said the difference between a singer and a performer in an interview. 

He said when a performer gets voted out from the show, he has a nervous breakdown. 

He said every night, he and the crowd are waiting for them to perform, and when they are eliminated, he gets upset. He said he loved the show. 

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