Brendan Kelly

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Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly is the father of Australian and musician rapper widely known by her stage name Iggy Azalea

Brendon's Ethnicity

Brendon James Kelly is from Australia. He has aboriginal ancestry. His ancestors came on the first fleet. 

His family has been in the country for more than a hundred years. He has Aboriginal blood. People who belong to this ethnicity have an eye condition. 

Married to Cleaner

Brendon was married to a woman named Tanya Kelly. She used to work as a cleaner in holiday houses and hotels. 

Her family has also been living in Australia for a long time. The background of their relationship has not been shared. The exact date of their marriage has also not been disclosed. 

On June 7th, 1990, Tanya gave birth to their first daughter. They named her Amethyst Amelia Kelly, who would later change her name to Iggy Azalea

After giving birth to a famous rapper equivalent to female Eminem, Brendon and Tanya had the next daughter. They named her Emerald Kelly

She was born on January 17th, 1993. She is twenty-eight years old. 

Brendon has one son named Mathais Kelly. He is the last and only son of Brendon and Tanya. His birthday is on November 3rd

Wife of Brendon
Wife of Brendon  Source: Pinterest

Left Family

Brendon and Tanya decided to get divorced after few years of marriage. The reason for their marital dispute has not been shared with the public. 

He left the house and started living near the neighborhood. He often used to see his wife and kids together. 

Seeing them together made him sad and angry at the same time. This caused him to leave the city. 

Before leaving the city, he wrote a letter to his daughter Iggy telling her that he sees them together. He also added that he has to leave the city, but he frequently sees her and her siblings. 

He sent this note to his daughter through her teacher. Iggy was just ten years old when he left the family. 

After leaving the city, he never came back. He also never contacted any of his children after that. 

Brendon's ex-wife and daughters
Brendon's ex-wife and daughters  Source: Instagram

A Painter

Brendan James Kelly is a professional painter. He started painting at an early age. 

After completing high school, he continued with his studies at university and graduated with an Arts degree. Besides painting, he also works as a comic artist. 

A Standup Comedian

Besides painting and comics, he also worked as a standup comedian for few years. He went by the name Brendon Lovechild

He used to perform at a few pubs and restaurants. His humor was good, and he could quickly grasp the audience's attention, but he did not continue his career as a standup comedian.

An Author

After involving himself in lots of arts, crafts, and entertainment, he became an author. 

He has written various children's books, and his books mainly contain illustrations and arts of private organs of male bodies. 

He declared that it was a children's book. However, the book did not look like it was made for children. 

The languages he uses in the books are offensive, and no children should be exposed to such books. 

The books are adult humor written in the format of children's books. 

He has published and distributed some books. Some of his books are the Ugly Duckling, The Runt who said c#nt, The Perfect Pooh, and so forth. 

Most people said that these books are not intended for children because of the titles. Brendon is regarded to have a great sense of humor, and he said that he is more than happy to share it with the public. 

Relationship with Daughter

Brendon tweeted few old pictures of Iggy after she got famous. 

He has also written an article about her daughter where he mentions that he is the father of the Australian rapper.

They both are not close and do not have a proper father-daughter relationship as he left her and never contacted her until she got famous. 

Brendan Kelly daughter Iggy Azalea 
Brendan Kelly daughter Iggy Azalea   Source: Instagram

Net Worth

The net worth of Brendon has not been disclosed yet. His daughter's net worth is shown below.

Net WorthSources
$15 millionRapper, songwriter, music producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Brendon are under review.
  2. His nationality is Australian.
  3. His ethnicity is Irish-Australian.

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