Brendan McAvoy

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Brendan McAvoy

Brendan McAvoy is the son of Scottish actor James McAvoy. His mother's name is Anne-Marie Duff

His mom is also an actress. He was named after his grandfather. He is a Scottish citizen by his nationality. 

Brendan McAvoy Parents
Brendan McAvoy Parents  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of James McAvoy 

James dated Emma Neilson back in 1998. They were in a relationship for six years and later ended their relationship in 2004

After that, he briefly dated Anne-Marie Duff. They met in the year 2004 on the set of the movie Shameless. They worked in that movie together. 

In that movie, they acted as an onscreen lover. After some time, their onscreen romance converted into offscreen romance. 

They began dating, and after two years, they got married in 2006. They have a son named Brendan, who was born in 2010

They were married for ten years. In 2016 they officially ended their relationship and divorced in May 2016

As of 2021, he is in a relationship with Lisa Liberati. They started dating in 2016, and as of now, they are growing strong together.

James with his son
James with his son  Source: Pinterest

About James McAvoy

James is a Scottish actor born on 21 April 1979. He was born to his parents, James McAvoy Sr and Elizabeth Johnstone, and was raised in Glasgow

He began acting when he was 15 years old. Although he was in the acting line before, he was not interested in it. 

He played his first-ever lead role in 2003

He is well known for his role in X-Men. Some of his movies are Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, and Filth

James Is A Scotsman

James McAvoy gave an interview to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In that interview, he talked about some exciting stuff with interviews and his things. 

James has gained an enormous fan following from his move "X-Men Apocalypse." 

He started the interview by saying that he feels that theatre is his home as he had worked there for many years. 

He started his career from his stage work. He had done Macbeth and spent years on a stage, so he has that feeling of home on stage. 

James opened up that he is a Scottish man, but he is an English man professionally. 

His interview was hilarious as he said that he likes being Scotsman in his free time. 

The interviewer had known him for a long time, but he never knew she was a Scotsman

He always thought he was an Englishman. He then talked about square sausage. The interview didn't know what square sausage meant.

James then said that the patty is made up of beef, and Scottish people are massive fans of it, and they usually eat it for their breakfast. 

He said that he is from Glasgow on the west side of Scotland, and the people of Glasgow are known as Glassweejians.

People of Scotland call Glassweejians Ouijas, but people living in Glasgow don't prefer calling themselves Ouijas.

He said that he was raised in the Council of State. Other people called it a housing project. 

He revealed that after the second world war, a new city was built-in on the outskirts of that place, and everyone was moved there. 

According to him, it's quite a big town. He stayed in London for more than 16 years, and because of that, he has no more Scottish accent. 

James McAvoy Doesn't Post On Social Media

James McAvoy interviewed "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." 

There in the interview, James talked about Jennifer Lawrence and his movie. 

The interviewer's first question to him was why he didn't tweet anything on his social media. 

He said that he is on Instagram but never tweets about a thing, and the reason behind that is he thinks that whatever he writes on tweets on his social media, no one cares about it. 

People won't be interested in anything he says, so he thinks that tweeting is unnecessary. 

But he said that people might show interest if he says something related to acting and his movies, but people don't want to hear their personal opinions or thoughts on anything. 

The interviewer then showed him a picture of him that he posted on his Instagram. In that photo, he was lying in a paw petrol sleeping bag. 

He was watching his movie trailer. He watched the scene where he was saying sorry by laying inside the paw petrol sleeping bags. 

He revealed that Jennifer Lawrence is the person that owns the Paw Patrol sleeping bag, and he doesn't know why he got that, but he got it. 

He thinks Jennifer owes that company is because of her puppies. Her puppy's name is Pippi Lawrence Stocking. 

Everyone laughed when he told that name. He said that Jennifer is hilarious and she is a very joyful person. 

The interviewer then talked about when James came over to the show promoting his movie Unbreakable and Split, which was a hit and made huge money. 

He then opened up about his new film where he would play a similar character that he played in Split. 


Brendan was born in 2010, and his current age is 11 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of James is $20 Million. His source of income is acting. 

The average income of actors is estimated at $40,860 per year. 

James McAvoy Always Had A Passion For Acting

James is one of the leading actor and has provided a lot of brilliant works. 

He has reached a great height of success, and all this credit goes to his dedication. He was not from any acting background. 

In addition, he used to work as a Trainee Confectioner in a Bakery to collect his college fees. 

He didn't have any funding source and managed it all by himself. This didn't stop him from acting. 

He managed and paid for his art and drama college. Inspired by David Hayman, he started his acting career, and the now is on top of it.

James McAvoy Lied To Get Out Of Auditions

James was invited for auditions for Queen Musical We Will Rock You

The drama makers were so much interested in working with James and loved him for his versatility. 

James, on the other, was not at all interested in the musical audition he wanted to work on other projects. He couldn't deny the call, so he decided to lie. 

He didn't appear in the audition and gave reason that his friend was in a serious car accident.

He lied that he had to take his friend to the hospital in an ambulance and was with him all day long. 

The producers were too proud of him and got more interested in signing him. 

But later, he confessed that he didn't want to participate in musical works. The maker then said they would never take James in such projects.

James Was Injured While Shooting

While shooting for the movie It Chapter Two, James got injured. He had strains in his thighs. Even though he was injured, he finished the shooting. 

The injury was minor at that time, but little that James knew, it started to get serious. 

He was found with tendonitis, and he suffered for six months. He eventually recovered and started showing his phenomenal performance.

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