Who Is Briahna Joely Fatone? Daughter Of Joey Fatone

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Who Is Briahna Joely Fatone? Daughter Of Joey Fatone

Briahna Joely Fatone is the daughter of American singer, dancer, actor, and TV personality Joey Fatone

Her mother’s name is Kelly Baldwin. She was born in the year 2001. She has a sister named Kloey.

She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Parents of Briahna Joely Fatone.
Parents of Briahna Joely Fatone. Source: Pinterest

About Briahna’s Father Joey 

Joey is a singer, actor, dancer, and TV personality

He is well known for being the former member of the famous boy band NSYNC. He joined the band in 1995 and was part of it till 2002

He was born in 1977 to his father, Joseph Anthony Fatone Sr, and his mom, Phyllis Fatone

He grew up with his two siblings, Steven and Janine

Married Life Of Joey 

Joey is married to his wife, Isabel Araujo. They met each other back in 2019 on Halloween

They dated for three years and, after that, got hitched in 2021. Talking about their kids, the couple is parents to a daughter. 

Before Isabel, he was married to Kelly Baldwin. They started dating back in 1993 when they were in high school. 

Their relationship was on and off for a very long time. In 2001, they welcomed their daughter Briahna and got engaged a year later.

They tied the knot in 2004 and were together until their divorce in 2019

Age And Net Worth

Briahna is 22 years old. Her father's has a net worth of $14 Million

Joey Is In Touch With His Former Band Member

Joey was part of one of the famous vocal groups, NSYNC. When they entered the bar, the band had five members, all teenagers. 

The band was active till 2002, and they all went their separate ways. 

However, unlike other band members, Joey and his other friend are still in touch with each other. 

They all are connected and have a group chat where they connect. 

Joey said that they do merchandise, and everyone has to answer yes or no and share their point with specific things. 

Joey is not very good at pointing out things, so he sticks with yes or no, but his other band member JC Chasez, is very focused on the details, like he checks if the fabric is good or not or if it’s 100% cotton or not, which Joey finds exciting. 

Joey Feels Grateful For The Love

NSYNC band was one of the famous band in the 90s and 2000s, and to this date, the band's music and members are favorite among the people. 

Joey was part of the group and feels so happy to see people enjoying their music to this date. 

It has been years since the band became inactive, but Joey still sees the craziness of fans for their music. 

He doesn’t know if the band would be as famous or even more popular than it was if they were still together because of the different generations. 

But if NSYNC was together till now, Joey is sure about them having a lot of followers on social media. 

Five years ago, he and his band members came together as they were honored by the Walk of Fame, and he was surprised to see the fans. 

The fans blocked entirely the roads, so he felt grateful to the fans for their love for them and their music.

Joey Was Excited To Be Part Of Parade

In an interview, Joey shared his excitement about being part of Krewe Orpheus Parade 2023

He opened up that he got invited to be the celebrity monarch of the parade many times in the past, too, but he never got the chance to be part of it because of his busy work schedule. 

But he could attend the invitation this time and is very excited to perform there. 

He has been in New Orleans many times for band performances and events. Still, he never got a chance to perform in the parade, so he is finally getting to do it this time. As he is older, he won’t be as crazy as he was in his teenage days, so he is excited to go to New Orleans and perform in the parade. 

NSYNC New Song

Joey and the former band member of NSYNC had a reunion on VMAs award. 

Many people, including the former band members, were happy to meet each other. 

Joey was glad to see his old friends, and now, after 25 years, the old band is about to release their new song. 

Joey talked about this in the interview and said he never expected to make a new song with his former band. 

It was hard to believe for him, but as it was happening, he was very excited. 

He has no idea about the tour, but he did tell his fans to pressure the record production company if they want to see NSYNC touring again. 

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