Brian Davies- Tragedy Of Erika Slezak Husband

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Brian Davies- Tragedy Of Erika Slezak Husband

Brian Davies is the husband of Erika Slezak, an American actress. Brian is also an actor. 

Marriage And Children

Brian and Erika got married on April 4, 1978. They have already crossed four decades together. They have two children: a son named Michael and a late daughter, Amanda.

Their son Michael is 44 years old.

Brian Davies and his wife, Erika Slezak.
Brian Davies and his wife, Erika Slezak. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Beloved Daughter

Brian's daughter, Amanda Elizabeth Davies, has passed away at the age of 42

Amanda played the teenage version of her mother's character on One Life to Live.

She died suddenly. The family is requesting privacy during this difficult time. 

They are mourning the loss of their daughter. The soap opera aired from 1968 until its cancellation in 2012, with a brief revival in 2013.

Erika is known for her role as Viki, for which she has earned six Daytime Emmy Awards.

Television journalist Michael Fairman expressed sorrow by sharing a photo of Erika and Amanda

Amanda’s passing is tragic for her mother, Erika, and her family.

Brian Davies's wife and their late daughter.
Brian Davies's wife and their late daughter. Source: Pinterest


Brian was born on November 15, 1938. He is 85 years old as of 2024

Net Worth

As an American actress, Braina'sDavies'sAmanda's wife, Erika's net worth is about $14 million.

Erika Shared Her Soap Opera Journey

Erika shared her soap opera journey. Despite her father's restrictions on soap operas, she auditioned for the role of Viki after years of acting experience. 

At first, she got rejected, but she coped with disappointment over coffee with a friend. 

Later, Erika was recast as Viki.  She received short notice to start the next day. 

Erika accepted the offer, being excited and enjoying a higher salary. 

Her parents, especially her father in Switzerland, were happy for her. On her first day, only a few knew about the change. 

Her hairdresser, Willis Han, offered her support. For more than 42 years, Erika loved being part of the soap opera One Life to Live and enjoyed the unique world of daytime drama. 

Her training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art helped her handle challenges gracefully, making her time in the soap opera unforgettable.

She shared the challenges of acting in soap operas, especially the importance of memorizing lines and playing multiple characters. 

Erika balanced her personal and professional life, crediting her husband and training. 

She values the connection between the audience and soap opera characters in stories similar to everyone's lives. 

She recalls her favorite storylines, including one in the Old West, where she played Ginny. She values the need to commit as an actor fully. 

The commitment is vital to make the audience believe in and connect with the confusing story of the soap opera.

Brain Notable Works In Films

Brian was born in Rhondda, Tonypandy, United Kingdom. He has been married to Erika for over 46 years. 

Brian is also an actor and has been in many films and TV series throughout his career. 

His great works include Convoy, American Gigolo, The Age of Innocence, and Mickey Blue Eyes.  

He has made guest appearances in shows like Wonder Woman and All My Children. 

He is also praised for singing in the film Man of The Century.

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