Who Is Brian Harlow? Father Of Jack Harlow

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Who Is Brian Harlow? Father Of Jack Harlow

Brian Harlow is the father of popular American rapper Jack Harlow. He was born in the United States and currently residing in Kentucky.

His wife is Maggie Harlow Payette. Brian was a horse farmer, and later, he was involved in business with his wife. 

According to Jack, his dad is the one who introduced him to country music during his childhood. 

Brian’s wife, Maggie, is an entrepreneur. She founded Transworld Business Advisors in September 2018, dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs professionally. 

Brian and Maggie have two children together, Clayborn Harlow and Jack.

Brian Harlow with his son and wife.
Brian Harlow with his son and wife. Source: People

About His Son Jack

Jackman Thomas Harlow, commonly known as Jack Harlow, is an American rapper born on the 13th of March 1998. 

He belongs from Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His younger brother’s name is Clayborn Harlow.

At a young age, Jack became a Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Actor. He started his career in 2015.

In his short career till now, Harlow has won several awards and few nominations for the Grammy awards. 

In 2022, he won Billboard Music Awards for the top rap song. In addition, he has won other awards like iHeartRadio Music Awards for reaching a 1 billion total audience on iHeartRadio stations and MTV Video Music Awards.

Who Is Jack Dating?

In an interview at Power 105.1, Jack was asked about his dating life. 

Jack answered that he is single and he loves it. Then, answering the type of women he likes, Jack replied he doesn’t have typical likes and dislikes in terms of women. 

He loves everyone. He also said that sometimes when he became friendly with girls, they think he is flirting, but he is not.

People are just misinterpreting him.

Brian Harlow's son Jack Harlow.
Brian Harlow's son Jack Harlow. Source: Instagram


His son Jack is 25 years.

Net Worth

As of 2023, the net worth of Jack is estimated to be $5 million. The majority of his income is from his songs.

Jack Said I Love You To Emma Chamberlain

In an interview with Emma Chamberlain, Jack said I love you before leaving. 

Emma seemed shocked by that. Later on, when asked about that, he didn’t open up much, saying, 

“There are many ways to interpret that, and I’ll leave this up to interpretation.” 

Emma said that the moment was so sweet, and she loved it.

Jack's Three Crushes

Jack, in an interview, when asked about three female crushes in the industry.

He answered that he likes Alexa Demie. He termed her Euphoria.

He finds Alexa very attractive. Constance Marie, George Lopez’s wife, is also on his list. He said he was also attracted to Salma Hayek.

Is Jack Dating Dua Lipa?

The media was heated up after finding that Jack wrote a song after Dua Lipa in his album. 

Different media asked a lot of questions regarding this topic. There were rumors that Jack and Dua might be in a relationship as the rapper is not shy about talking about how much he admires her. 

He asked for the singer's permission before releasing the song, and she agreed. 

Jack also reported that their conservations are more at ease after the song. However, Dua has never spoken publically anything about the two of them.

Jack Claimed To Be The Hardest White Boys

In the new album “Jackman,” Jack claimed himself as the hardest rapper in the industry after Eminem.

Some people find that as an insult to other talented and better rappers. 

People claim that there are several more talented rappers than Harlow, and he cannot reach their level. 

However, many people commented positively by admiring the bars in his rap song.

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