Who Is Briar Rose Christensen? Daughter Of Hayden Christensen

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Who Is Briar Rose Christensen? Daughter Of Hayden Christensen

Briar Rose Christensen is the daughter of Canadian actor and producer Hayden Christensen

Her mother's name is Rachel Bilson, an actress. Her parents are from acting backgrounds. 

She is a Canadian citizen by nationality. 

Briar Rose Christensen's parents Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson
Briar Rose Christensen's parents Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson Source: Tu Style

Parents' Married Life

Hayden is not married yet. He was in a relationship previously. 

Hayden started dating actress Rachel Bilson in 2007

They happily got engaged with each other in 2008 but later broke up for some months. 

They reunited after several months of separation. They have a daughter together named Briar, born in 2014

They ended their relationship in 2017. As of now, Hayden is single.

Briar Rose Christensen's mom Rachel Bilson
Briar Rose Christensen's mom Rachel Bilson Source: Instagram

About Father Hayden 

Hayden is a Canadian actor and producer born April 19, 1981. He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada

He is well well-known talented actor. He started acting in his teenage. He came to prominence for his appearance in Life as a House as Sam

He has shown his appearance in many movies and shows. 

He started gaining people's attention, and his fan following drastically increased after his role in Star Wars

Briar Rose Christensen's father Hayden Christensen
Briar Rose Christensen's father Hayden Christensen Source: Instagram 

Did Rachel Misbehave With Her Co-Actors On The Set Of The O.C.? 

Rachel is well known for her appearance in the show The O.C. She has her own podcast named “Welcome to O.C. Bit*hes, which she hosts with her former costar Alum Melinda Clark

In that podcast, she and Alum invited their co-star Tate Donavan, who was also the director of their show The O.C. It was already many years of The O.C. when they invited Tate to their podcast. 

Rachel said sorry to Tate for the past mistakes and misbehavior that she did on the set. During the shooting of The O.C., all the actors were very young, and they had an arrogant attitude. 

Back in 2013, in one of the interviews, Tate clearly opened up that he had a hard time working with the young actors as they behaved very badly and also they bad attitudes and showed that they were not interested in doing the show. 

Rachel called herself and her co-star arrogant idiots who were unaware of what they were doing. She asked Tate if she had done anything that might have hurt him then she was sorry about that. 

Rachel also opened up that Tate is one of the kindest human beings that she has got to meet and work with. She said that he was always good with everyone on and off the set. 

They have lots of good and funny memories together.

Rachel said that she enjoyed playing in The O.C. with her cast members, and she is still in touch with Josh Schwartz, who is also the creator of the show. 

For Rachel, Josh is like a brother figure to her, and she has 18 years of relationship with him. Besides that, Rachel has been in touch with Ben and Adam Brody

Rachel and Alum are also planning to invite each of their co-stars from The O.C. to their podcast so that they could meet up again.

Hayden Enjoys It When People Sees Him As Darth Vader

Hayden gave an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s show where he talked about the character that he played in Star Wars. 

He began the interview and recalled the memory of when he and Jimmy worked in a movie together named Factory Girls.

Hayden played the character based on Bob Dylan, and one time when Jimmy impersonated Bob, he was amazed. 

He was so impressed with Jimmy’s acting that he thought Jimmy would be perfect for his character. 

After that, Jimmy congratulated Hayden on his show Obi–Won Kenobi. He plays his Star Wars character, Darth Vader, in the series. 

Hayden is famously known for his portrayal as Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader from Star Wars. 

He said that he had just gotten out of high school when he auditioned for the role. 

He was living in Canada, renting an apartment with his friend. The audition for Anakin's role was very long, but luckily, he received a call saying that he got the role. 

He was so happy that he walked out of his room with a big smile to share the news with his friend. 

He then opened up about people freaking out when he puts on the Vader’s costume. 

Many of his fans and his own co-stars said that Vader makes him freaked and nervous. 

Hayden said that he loves wearing Vader’s costume, and he actually feels really honored that he got to put on the costume, but what makes him feel better is to see people's reactions when they see him as Vader. 

He just enjoys that a lot. Vader’s costume is very heavy, and it’s all closed, so he gets very sweaty when he is in the costume.

But if he feels too hot, then there is an under component of the suit, and from there, cooling air is passed so they could feel better.


Briar was born on October 30, 2014, and her current age is seven.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Hayden is $12 Million. His source of income comes from being an actor and producer. 

Briar's Parents Were Injured On Set

Briar's mother, Rachel, was working in the movie Jumper in 2008

It was an action-based movie, and for Rachel, it was the first time she was working in this type of movie. 

Being an action movie, while doing scenes, the actress had some bruises and scratches on her body, but other than that, she was fine. 

But for her co-actor Hayden, the case was not the same. He was severely hurt. He went through several injuries, and it was painful. 

He got major damage to his head that could have possibly turned him blind, as he couldn't see anything. 

He was treated well later.

Briar Rose Christensen playing with bubbles
Briar Rose Christensen playing with bubbles  Source: Instagram

Hayden's Injury Didn't Stop Him From Shooting

Hayden is quite a dedicated actor. He plays his role pretty well and is well-known for his actions. 

As a built-up action hero, he often gets injured, but his dedication is commendable in Life as a House

He punched the wall in one of the scenes of the movie. 

He punched the wall so hard that he broke his finger, and his hand started to bleed. 

Of course, he was in pain, but he wanted to keep it natural, and hence, he didn't hesitate to shoot rather than back off for medical treatment.

Hayden Was Born To Be Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker is one of the legendary characters. Hayden played it. He was not the only one to give the audition for that role. 

For the character of Skywalker, more than 400 actors were auditioned by the filmmaker. 

But the filmmaker wanted someone to be perfect for this character in the form of looks, delivery, and natural elements. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Phillippe, some of the most liked and talented actors, were also rejected for this role. 

But when the maker saw Hayden. He was immediately selected for the movie.

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