Brick Huston- Tragedy Of Lynne Marta Ex-Husband

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Brick Huston is the ex-husband of Lynne Marta, an American singer and actress. Brick was also an actor

He has done films like Mannix in 1967, The Streets of San Francisco in 1972, and Police Story in 1973.

Lynne Had A Complicated Relationship With David Soul

Lynne was married to Brick Huston. They got married in 1968. Their relationship didn’t last long. 

Unfortunately, they got separated in 1975

In 1983, there were reports that she was romantically involved with actor David Soul while he married Karen Carlson

Lynne and David had an open relationship while on the TV show Starsky & Hutch

Lynne‘s personal life became the focus of public interest due to her romantic relationship with David

Their relationship was complicated. 

Lynne and Soul lived together while the show aired, but they also had relationships with other people. This showed a different side of Lynne

Her name was used to get involved in rumors during that era.

Involving another person while still being married is not a good thing, so because of that, their relationship was seen as a sinful act. 

And many people didn’t like it.

Lynne Marta and David Soul.
Lynne Marta and David Soul. Source: Pinterest

Lynne's Remarkable Career In Hollywood

Lynne is a well-known actress. She passed away at the age of 78 after battling with cancer

She had a successful career spanning five decades with notable roles in movies like Footloose and Joe Kidd and numerous television appearances. 

Lynne's career began in the 1960s, and she had roles in popular TV shows like Love, American Style, Gunsmoke, Mod Squad, and Charlie’s Angels. 

During her time on Starsky & Hutch, she dated David Soul. Lynne played an essential role in Clin Eastwood’s film named Joe Kidd

She gained massive fame in the hit musical drama Footloose, in which she portrayed Lulu Warnicker

In 1989, Lynne became involved in a vital incident when she testified about the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer by Robert John Bardo

Lynne explained that she heard the shooting from her apartment, and she immediately called 911 and rushed to Rebecca’s aid. 

She vividly described the moment, mentioning the smell of gunfire and the unsettling quiet, except for Rebecca's moaning. 

After the trial, Lynne continued to work in television with roles in shows like Law & Order and Passions, Crossing Jordan, ER, and Days of Our Lives

Her last role was in the second season of American Dreams in 2004


Brick's ex-wife Lynne was born in 1945. She died on January 11, 2024, at the age of 78.

Net Worth

As an American actress and singer, Brick's ex-spouse Lynne's net worth is about $5 million.

Lynne’s Friends Shared Deep Sadness At Her Death

Lynne was born in 1945. She was the daughter of George Marta, a first-generation Italian American.

And Lynne's mother is Ruth. Lynne started her career as a dancer on The Lloyd Thaxton Show in the 1960s

Lynne debuted acting in 1966 on shows like Gidget and The Monkees.  

Throughout her three-decade-long career, Lynne appeared in various TV shows. 

Lynne’s friend Chris Saint Hillaire confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that she passed away on Thursday, January 11, at her home in Los Angeles due to cancer. 

Another friend, Joan Sobel, shared the sad news on Facebook, describing Lynne as a talented actress and beautiful singer. 

Joan expressed deep sadness at the loss of Lynne, who loved her friends and animals and mentioned missing her terribly. 

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