Brigitte Beckenbauer- Tragedy Of Franz Beckenbauer Ex-Wife

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Brigitte Beckenbauer- Tragedy Of Franz Beckenbauer Ex-Wife

Brigitte Beckenbauer was the former wife of late professional German football player Franz Beckenbauer.

She was an actress known for her appearance in the movie Libero. She died in the year 2021. She was a German citizen by her nationality.

Marriage And Children

Brigitte was married to Franz. She tied the knot with Franz back in 1966.

They shared three children named Thomas, Stephen, and Michael. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last forever, as the couple and divorced in 1990. 

Brigitte Beckenbauer with her ex-husband, Franz Beckenbauer.
Brigitte Beckenbauer with her ex-husband, Franz Beckenbauer. Source: Pinterest

Brigitte’s Ex-Husband Remarried 

After getting divorced from Brigitte, Franz moved on and got married twice.

In the same year as his divorce from Brigitte, he got hitched to Sybille Beckenbaur. They were together till 2004 and later got divorced. 

His third marriage was with Heidi Beckenbaur. They exchanged vows in 2006 and shared two children named Francessca and Noel

They were together until Franz's death separated them apart in 2024. 

Franz Beckenbauer with his wife, Heidi Beckenbaur.
Franz Beckenbauer with his wife, Heidi Beckenbaur. Source: Instagram

About Brigitte’s Ex-Husband Franz 

Franz was a professional football player and manager. He was a talented and famous player known for inventing the role of the modern Sweeper. 

Franz retired from playing football in 1983 and then started his managerial career. 

He was born in 1945 and had his birthday on September 11.

He died on January 7, 2024.

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-husband, Franz, was 78 years old. He had a net worth of $10 Million.

His source of income was football and football management. 

Franz Won The World Cup

Franz is undoubtedly a brilliant player in the history of football and a legend of the German national team. 

His huge contribution helped Germany win the World Cup in 1974. 

But it was not the first time he played well and helped his team to the fullest to reach this height of success. 

He helped his team to reach the finals in 1966. His team would have won if there was not a controversial goal by their opponents. 

In the next World Cup, his contribution also made his team reach the semi-finals.

In that match, he was injured as his shoulder was dislocated, but he still gave his best play with the dislocated shoulder. But they lost in extra time with 4-3 on the scoreboard.

Franz Had No Managerial Skills

Franz had been a skillful player in his time, and he teamed up with legendaries like Pele

Not only that, but he also helped his national team reach the finals of the World Cup two times, where they won one time. He was already a legend by the time, and he eventually retired from the football player position. 

But as soon as he got out of playing football, he was offered to be the coach of the German national team, which he accepted.

He had no managerial skills with him, but being one of the great captains of his time, he did know how to be a great leader.

Hence, he proved to be a great coach for the German team. But his coaching career didn’t last long. 

He was made for even something more significant. Hence, he became president of the legendary and prestigious German club Bayern Munich FC.

He worked as a president for 15 years in the club, and his leadership led the club to get more success for the club.

Franz Was Called By Horny Men

Franz was a famous icon of Germany and the whole world, so he was offered a lot of advertisements in those days. 

He also used to do some advertisements, and everything was going well until a scandal happened with him. 

In one of the advertisements, he happened to advertise his hotline number, which had a lot of numbers 6. 

He did the advertisement in the native German language, and in that language,  six is translated as “sech.” Hence, it sounded like sex in the ad. 

People misunderstood the statement of Franz, and they called the hotline for phone sex. A lot of horny men reached out to the number and talked about sex which was a big blunder. 

Franz Was Blamed For Corruption

Franz was the German national team's vice president in 1998. 

The national team association held a bidding campaign for the success of the World Cup 2006. 

The campaign under Franz was proven to be a success, and he was praised a lot for his work and contribution. 

But upfront, in the World Cup 2006, Franz received colossal money, around £6.1 Million.

People hence accused him of corruption. People even said the money was for buying the votes for the hosting rights. 

Eventually, the money was used to organize the opening ceremony for the World Cup.

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