Who Is Brinley Newton-John? Father Of Olivia Newton-John

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Who Is Brinley Newton-John? Father Of Olivia Newton-John

Brinley Newton-John is the late father of actress and singer Olivia Newton-John. He was born on 5 March 1915

He served as British intelligence during World War II. He was born in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, in 1914.

He married Irene Born in 1938. Irene was a Jewish refugee from Germany. 

His father-in-law Dr. Max was a well-known German physicist who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the foundational theory of quantum mechanics

Brinley died on July 3rd due to liver cancer in 1992

They shared three kids altogether, Hugh, Rona, and Olivia

He had four grandchildren. His daughter Oliva died on August 8, 2022. 

Brinley Newton-John with his wife.
Brinley Newton-John with his wife. Source: Twitter

Daughter's Married Life

Olivia was married to John Easterling when she passed away. She met him in the mid-1990s

They tied the knot in Peru in 2008. They share a daughter. Before John, she was married to Matt Lattanzi

They were married for almost a decade. She didn’t have any kids from her first husband. 

Olivia Newton-John with her husband.
Olivia Newton-John with her husband. Source: Instagram


His daughter Oliva was 73 years old at the time of death. 

Net Worth

His daughter Oliva's net worth was estimated to be $60 million.

Brinley Newton-John with his daughter, Olivia Newton-John.
Brinley Newton-John with his daughter, Olivia Newton-John. Source: Pinterest

Olivia Battled Breast Cancer

A few days after her father's death, Oliva was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

She said that it was a very crazy experience, but she was confident that she would get through it. 

She said the most challenging part for her was to tell her daughter and husband about cancer. 

She shared she didn’t have any complaints about her life, as everyone goes through a hard time. 

She had undergone chemotherapy and partial mastectomy for around eight months and was cancer-free. 

But in 2016, she was again diagnosed with breast cancer as her cancer had returned. 

In an interview, she revealed that she was having problems with her body and knew she had it again. 

She said it was a harrowing journey. As a result, she postponed her tour and focused on her health. 

Olivia Kept The Tights That She Wore In The Film Grease

Olivia played the role of Sandy Olsson opposite John Travolta, who played Danny Zuko in the 1978 megahit movie Grease

She immediately became a household name, and she became a massive movie star at the age of 29. 

Every woman of that era wanted to become her because of her fantastic hairstyle and the iconic tights she wore in that movie. 

She kept those tights and tried them on and could fit in them even at 70. 

Olivia Was Music Prodigy

Olivia used to sing in cafes on weekdays, and one day, someone spotted her and asked her to participate in a singing contest. 

She participated and won that show. After that, she came to the US from Australia to pursue her lifelong singing career. 

She collaborated with many big singers from the States. She dove into the pop genre and worked with John Travolta

She has sold more than one hundred million records. In addition, she won four Grammys

A Research And Wellness Clinic Was Founded In Olivia's Name

Oliva wanted to help others who have been through the same thing she has gone through. 

She wanted to help cancer patients, and it became her purpose. It was her dream to help those people, and it turned into reality. 

She included yoga, music, and meditation in the treatment of cancer. 

She said that when she visited the hospital after its construction, Olivia Newton-John was written, the best billboard she ever had. 

She loved the concept of cancer and wellness together.

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