Brittany Gonzales

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Brittany Gonzales

Brittany Gonzales is the wife of American actor and model Kellan Lutz. She is a model, actress and TV host by profession. 

She is well known for her role in Divertimento

She is the daughter of Tracy Fish Gonzalez. She is an American citizen. 

Brittany Gonzales  with her mother and daughter
Brittany Gonzales  with her mother and daughter  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Kellan Lutz 

Back in 2008, Kellan was in a relationship with AnnaLynne McCord, an actress. They broke up after three years of having love affairs. 

After that, he dated Kelly Thiebaud for a very short time. He then dated Sharni Vinson. The couple started dating in 2011

After dating for two years and they ended their relationship in 2013

Kellan is in a relationship with Brittany. She is a model and a TV host. They met for first time on the set, and they fell for each other. 

In 2017 they got engaged, and in the same year, they tied the knot. 

They couple is happily living with each other. They have a daughter together, born in 2021

They are happily living with their new child.

Kellan with his wife and daughter
Kellan with his wife and daughter  Source: Instagram 

About Kellan Lutz 

Kellan is an actor and model born on March 15, 1985. His full name is Kellan Christopher Lutz

He was born to Karla Lutz and Bradley Lutz, and they raised him with his six brothers. 

Kellan is famous for his role in the Twilight Saga film series as Emmett Cullen

He is a great actor and has shown his appearance in many movies. 

Some of the movies he has played are Stick It, Accepted and Prom Night

In 2020 he made his appearance in CBS's FBI: Most Wanted. He is a family man and has a daughter.

Brittany Gonzales with her husband, Kellan
Brittany Gonzales with her husband, Kellan   Source: Instagram 


Brittany's husband is 36 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Kellan is $5 Million. His source of income is acting

The average income of actors is $40,860 per year.

Brittany Gonzalez Lost Her First Child

In 2020, something unexpected happened in the life of Brittany and her actor husband Kellan that made her suffer mentally. 

Brittany was 6 months pregnant with Kellan's baby. Unfortunately, she faced an unexpected miscarriage. 

She lost her child after carrying her for more than 6 months. It was a devastating moment for the couple. But they didn't lose hope. 

They were and still are sad for their loss, but in 2021, they successfully welcomed their first child, a daughter. 

She informed the audience through her Instagram

She said that their first child's loss was a cold winter, whereas the birth of their daughter came up like sunshine.

Kellan Lutz Ended Up In Hospital After Hosting A Series

Kellan is a very brilliant and tough actor. He carries out a maximum of his stunts himself, and he has been hurt many times in doing so. 

In 2015, he hosted a show whose main motive was stunts and games for contestants. 

One of the challenges in the show was named human slingshot. 

While hosting the same episode, he told the contestants how dangerous the challenge was. 

He tried to show how it was done by doing it himself and getting injured. He was bleeding and was immediately taken to hospital. 

He had to have five staples in the back of his head. He was seriously injured, but he was not demotivated from performing stunts. 

He still loves doing his stunts and challenges.

Kellan Injured On The Set Of Death Games 

Kellan is always excited when it comes to doing stunts. He does all his stunts himself and many times get injured as well. 

Similarly, in 2010, he was part of the Death Games series. It was a stunt-based series with many challenges. 

On one of the fight scenes, Kellan himself asked to take part in it; he injured himself. 

The scene used Machete, which cut Kellan's chest and left scars. He was injured, but still, he never gave up. 

According to him, he has a lot of scars that he doesn't even need a tattoo. He considers them to be his memory. 

Even after the injury, he had done a lot of stunt-based movies and series.

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