Who Is Brittney Cade? Wife Of Mike Dirnt

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Who Is Brittney Cade? Wife Of Mike Dirnt

Brittney Cade is the wife of Mike Dirnt, a famous American rock musician. Brittney and Mike got married in 2009.

She has two children, Brixton Michael and Ryan Ruby Mae, with her husband Mike.

Family of Brittney Cade.
Family of Brittney Cade. Source: Instagram

Brittney Had Breast Cancer 

Mike shared some sad news on Facebook in 2014. His wife, Brittney, has been diagnosed with breast cancer

He said they started the treatment, and Mike was optimistic that with the help of doctors, family, and the support of Green Day fans, she would beat this formidable challenge. 

They have two kids, and that was a challenging year for them, but they were determined to face it openly and with strength. 

They appreciate the love and support from everyone. 

Now Brittney has overcome breast cancer, and Mike is happy that his wife is healthy. 

They attended a poker event that honored them for sharing their story to help others facing cancer

The event’s proceeds supported cancer research. Mike talked about how they have come through a difficult time and want to give back and help others. 

He mentioned they support research and young doctors working to find better treatments and cures. 

He also praised the medical advancements that helped save his wife’s life. 

Brittney Cade with her husband, Mike Dirnt.
Brittney Cade with her husband, Mike Dirnt. Source: Instagram


Brittney was born on August 25, 1982. She is 41 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

As a musician, Brittney's husband Mike's net worth is about $60 million. 

Mike Has A Unique Bassists Style 

Green Day is a successful rock band from California. Mike is the Bass Guitarist of Green Day

Their album Dookie was a big hit in the 1990s. People loved the energy of their music. 

One of the album’s popular songs is Longview, with a catchy bassline played by Mike Dirnt

He got the idea for the bassline when he was into jazz music and had been experimenting with it. 

Interestingly, he came up with the bassline while he was on LSD. Mike Dirnt doesn’t have specific influences for his style.

He prefers not to copy other bassists because he wants to create his unique sound. 

He plays with a pick using his arm more than his wrist to create a distinctive sound. 

In a nutshell, Mike's style in Longview was influenced by jazz, and he played it with a pick swing his arm for a unique sound, all while coming up with the famous bassline under some unusual circumstances. 

Mike Produced  His Latest Album By Himself

Mike from Green Day talks about their latest album, Revolution Radio

The band decided to record it themselves because they realized they could create the sound they wanted in the studio. 

They used their drummer’s special drums, Mike’s unique bass, and an amp he helped design for the album. 

They usually worked with producers in the past, but this time, they felt confident enough to produce it independently. 

They had Andrew Wales mix the album, and he did a great job even though he worked from home. 

The band spent two weeks in Los Angeles finishing the album together. Mike also talks about the excitement of returning to the studio after a break due to personal and family issues. 

He says it was a fun and creative place, and getting the whole band together to learn and play the songs was even more exciting. 

They recently did an eight-show club tour in America, playing new songs from the album and old favorites. 

He also talked about the importance of making music that stands the test of time. 

Even though their famous album Dookie is older than him, he jokes about it. 

However, he is happy that they keep creating music and want to leave behind a meaningful collection of songs that people will remember long after they are gone. 

He takes pride in making each day count and ensuring their music will be celebrated for a long time. 

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