Bruce Hasselberg - Meet First Ex-Husband Of Loni Anderson

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Bruce Hasselberg - Meet First Ex-Husband Of Loni Anderson

Bruce Hasselberg is famous as an ex-spouse of three-time Golden Globe and two-time Emmy-nominated American actress Loni Anderson

Hasselberg is a real estate broker. He is the owner and operator of HASSELBERG Cos.

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Early life

Hasselberg was born to his parents, Donald Hasselberg and Phyllis M. Hasselberg in Minnetonka, Minnesota

He was raised alongside his younger sister, Barbara Hasselberg, who was crowned Miss Minnesota in 1964

His father is a former mayor. He was elected as the mayor of Bloomington, Minnesota in 1960

During the beauty pageant competition, Barbara said being a daughter of a mayor has both advantages and disadvantages. 

Being a daughter of a mayor is an honor. 

She is very proud of her father because he has the courage of his convictions and believes strongly in doing the right thing for their community. 

The advantages are in her proudness of him, and the disadvantages are things that are so trifle that they don’t even count, she said.

Hasselberg attended Bloomington High School and later graduated from Minnesota University with a degree in Sales and Marketing. 


He was born in May, 1939. He is currently 84 years old.

Net Worth 

His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

He was briefly married to Anderson

His marriage to Anderson only lasted for two years. 

They married in 1964 when Anderson was just 18 years old and divorced in 1966

Although their marriage was brief, they gave birth to their only daughter, Diedra

Following their divorce, Anderson returned to her home while she attended college. 

During an interview, Anderson said people at college made her nervous. 

When they discovered that she was a divorced mother, they didn’t want any part of her. 

Guys would ask her out, and upon finding out she had a child, they would not take her home to mother. 

She was just nineteen years old at the time. 

Or older guys would ask her out, thinking she was married and that she might be interested in easy sex. 

That experience made her reclusive.

Bruce Hasselberg daughter Diedra and son-in-law
Bruce Hasselberg daughter Diedra and son-in-law. Source: Facebook

Anderson said marriage has not worked for her and that it is her fault than anyone else’s because she thinks there is something about her marriage that makes her feel caged.

He married twice after Anderson 

Following his divorce from Anderson, he married twice. There is not much information about his second ex-wife. 

He married for the third time to Barbara Ann Howard. They were together until her demise on 22nd September 2013

Hasselberg also has a son named James Hasselberg.

Bruce Hasselberg with his third wife Barbara Ann Howard
Bruce Hasselberg with his third wife Barbara Ann Howard. Source: Facebook

Anderson’s messy divorce battle with her third husband, actor Burt Reynolds

Anderson married actor Burt Reynolds for the third time after her second divorce from Ross Bickell in 1981, with whom she was in a marital bond for eight years. 

Talking about her second divorce, Anderson, in an interview, said she was married to a really nice actor for about eight years, and then both of them moved to Cincinnati.

She hit, and he didn’t, and it destroyed their marriage.

Anderson and Reynolds first met in 1981 and started dating a year later. 

They dated for years before walking down the aisle in 1988 in a secret ceremony at his ranch in Jupiter, Florida

They adopted a son, Quinton, who was born in 1988

Everything changed after Reynolds announced their separation in June 1993, and their separation followed an ugly divorce battle filled with allegations. 

She accused Reynolds of physically abusing her and not paying $15,000 in child support on time. 

Reynolds admitted to cheating on Anderson, but it was only after he discovered her cheating on him. 

In an interview with People in 2015, Reynolds said marrying Anderson was a dumb move on his part. 

“I should have known that you don’t marry an actress. It wasn’t lollipops and roses”, he said at the time. 

In his memoir, he wrote that Anderson bought everything in triplicate, from every dress to jewelry to china and linens. 

He also recalled giving her a platinum American Express with a $45,000 credit limit. She maxed it out in half an hour, he wrote.

Reynolds died of a heart attack at the age of 82 in 2018 at the Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida.

Bruce Hasselberg ex-wife Loni Anderson with Burt Reynolds when they were together
Bruce Hasselberg ex-wife Loni Anderson with Burt Reynolds when they were together. Source: Pinterest
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