Who Is Bryan Perkins? Son Of Chevy Chase

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Bryan Perkins is the son of actor, comedian, and producer Chevy Chase. His biological mother has not been revealed yet.

He has three half-siblings. He is a married man living a simple life away from the spotlight. 

Who Is Chase's Wife?

Chase is married to Jayni Chase. Jayni is his third wife. She is an advocate for environmentalism. 

She met her future husband in the film Under the Rainbow set. 

She used to work in the entertainment industry before she became an advocate for environmentalism. 

Chevy later revealed that Jayni was not interested in him when they met. But later, Chase won her over. 

Jayni was his savior because he was in a terrible place and was struggling with addiction. 

She never left his side and helped him to overcome his drinking addiction. 

The two tied the knot in 1982 and have been married ever since. They have marked four decades of their marriage. 

They share two daughters.

Family of Bryan Perkins.
Family of Bryan Perkins. Source: Pinterest


Bryan was born on 24 October 1979 and is 44 years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $50 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a comedian, actor, and producer

Chevy Shared The Reason Behind Fight With Bill Murray.

Chevy was a key member in the first season of Saturday Night Live. 

He was the show's host in 1978, he left the show, and Bill Murray was his replacement. 

He said that he didn’t know him personally but was aware that he was hilarious. 

He said that when he went to the show, he found that one of his oldest friends, John, was jealous of his fame and success. 

His friend John had said a couple of things to Bill about him. Of course, he had no idea what John said, but Bill was unhappy. 

He said that Bill wanted to knock him after listening to John

He said Chevy went to his dressing room just before the show and warned him to not say anything wrong about him. 

He said John was also there. Bill jumped off the couch and charged him against the do, and they had a hand-on-hand fight. 

John also hopped on, and Chevy hit him too. Bill's older brother came and stopped him. 

He said he has not been so friendly but has played golf with him over the years. 

He said they had left that incident in the past and had moved on. 

His Mother abused Chevy

Chevy had a rough childhood. His father left him and his mother and his mother got married to another guy. 

While growing up he was verbally and physically abused by his mother. His wife said that his childhood trauma still affects him.

She added her husband never had a normal childhood like normal kids. 

She added that his personality is caustic because of what he had been through while growing up. 

Chevy Was Odd From The Map After The 90s

Chevy was a Saturday Night Live breakout star. He got fame and success, and his comedy was a mixture of arrogant and adorable. 

In the 80s, he earned a big name in the industry, but in the 90s, his movies began to flop, and his gig as a late-night show host also failed. 

After many years he made his comeback on the NBC sitcom but it ended on a rough path. 

He had conflicts with the maker and another cast of the show. Things he said as jokes were considered to be nasty and racially insensitive. 

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