Who is Burzis Kanga? Ex-Husband Of Hoba Kotb

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Who is Burzis Kanga? Ex-Husband Of Hoba Kotb

Burzis Kanga is the ex-husband of Hoba Kotb, who is an American broadcaster and journalist.

More About Burzis Kanga 

Burzis was born in the early 1960s in the USA, and he has a mixed Egyptian-Tanzanian background. 

He used to work as a sports coach. He is mainly known for being the former husband of TV personality Hoda, who works for NBC

He went to college to study business in 1984 and later became a coach for the University of New Orleans, focusing on women’s basketball and tennis

Why Did Burzis And Hoda's Marriage End?

Hoda and Burzis were once married, but their marriage didn’t last long. 

They got married in December 2005 after a quick romance, but Hoda filed for divorce in February 2007, and it was finalized in February 2008

Burzis explained that their divorce was due to personal reasons. Both Hoda and he were facing difficulties in their lives. 

Hoda had been diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2007, and Burzis moved from New Orleans to New York to be with her, which was challenging for him because he was used to a quieter life in New Orleans

Even though their marriage ended, Burzis had kind words to say about Hoda, describing her as a classy person, and he cherished the memories they had together. 

Hoda talked about her divorce on Valentine's Day in 2013, mentioning that Valentine’s Day wasn’t her favorite holiday because she had met her ex-spouse, and they had signed their divorce papers on Valentine’s Day

Burzis Kanga's ex-wife, Hoba Kotb.
Burzis Kanga's ex-wife, Hoba Kotb. Source: Pinterest


Burzis was born in the 1960s. He might be in his early 60s as of 2023. 

Net worth

Burzis has a net worth of over $1 million, mainly from his career in sports coaching

Hoda Celebrated Halloween With Her Ex-Fiance And Daughters

Hoda celebrated Halloween with her two daughters, Hope and Haley, in New York City. She has adopted both of them with her then-partner, Joel Schiffman, a financier.

Her daughters wore costumes, with one dressed as a butterfly and the other as a character from Wicked. 

Hoda also dressed up in a rainbow costume. 

They went trick or treating in the city, visiting a juice shop, a hair salon, and a grocery store to get candy. 

Hoda’s ex-fiance Joel Schiffman was also with them, and he wore a rainbow costume, too. They took a family selfie while out and about. 

The passage also mentions a trip Hoda took with her daughters to Mexico, which she describes as magical. 

She had a great time with her kids, and everything went smoothly. 

Hoba Kotb with her ex-partner.
Hoba Kotb with her ex-partner. Source: Pinterest

Hoda And Joel Decided Not To Get Married

In the YouTube video, Hoda shared that she and Joel Schiffman have decided not to get married. 

They talked a lot during the holidays and decided they would be happier as friends and parents rather than as a couple engaged to be married. 

Hoda feels solid and honest about this choice and thinks being truthful and real in relationships is essential. 

She also mentioned how honesty helps people grow and learn about themselves. 

Hoda and Joel have been together for eight years, and they are both good and kind people. 

They will remain friends and continue to raise their two children together even though they won’t be getting married. 

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