Who Is Cactus Moser? Husband Of Wynonna Judd

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Who Is Cactus Moser? Husband Of Wynonna Judd

Cactus Moser is the husband of American country music singer Wynonna Judd. Cactus himself is a music director, producer, and drummer. He was born and raised in Colorado, USA

He has his birthday on May 3. He is an American citizen.

Cactus Moser and Wynonna Judd.
Cactus Moser and Wynonna Judd. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Cactus is currently married to his wife, Wynonna Jude. They happily tied the knot in 2012 in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee

A year before their marriage, they got engaged to each other. 

The couple has been through many ups and down throughout their married life, but they managed to work on their relationship.

 He has three children from his previous relationship.

Cactus Moser with his wife, Wynonna Judd.
Cactus Moser with his wife, Wynonna Judd. Source: Instagram

About Cactus's Wife, Wynonna 

Cactus's current wife had been married two times previously, but her marriage didn't work, so she got a divorce from her ex-husband. 

She also has two children, a son, and a daughter, with her first husband, Arch Kelly.

Age and Net Worth 

Cactus is 65 years old. His net worth is $1 Million. His source of income is drummer, musical director, and producer.

Cactus Moser with his son.
Cactus Moser with his son. Source: Instagram

Lost His Leg In An Accident

Cactus, his wife Wynonna, and their friends were on a Harley bike ride in South Dakota

It was a great ride on an open road with fresh air. But unfortunately, Cactus got into the accident. 

According to his wife, Wynonna, he was about to lose his breath. 

He didn’t have any internal damage, but after looking deeply in the hospital, it was found that he could no longer use his left leg. 

He had to cut and lose his left leg. Cactus thought there was a fracture and could go to the gig again. 

But he didn’t see the bad news coming. Fortunately, after 15 months, he found a computed prosthetic leg to replace his original portion. 

It enabled him to walk and do all the activities again, and he felt that he got his leg back again. 

He and his wife were pleased about his new prosthetic leg.

Wynonna’s Husband Was An Abuser

Wynonna married for the second time to her long-term bodyguard D.R. Roach. Wynonna knew that D.R. was addicted to sexual stuff, yet she believed that she could change D.R. through her love. 

She believed people could change through love and wanted to set an example for others. 

But things didn’t turn out as she thought to be. D.R. was found guilty of charged assault and battery of a child. 

Wynonna didn’t expect her ex-husband to be so shameful. D.R. was sentenced to ten years of prison. 

Just five days after D.R. was jailed, Wynonna filed for divorce against him and stated that she wanted to end the relationship for the good of her and her children. 

She also said that she was recovering from all the things that happened and was going to be honest about the incident with her children so they think that their mother was right about the decision.

Wynonna’s Daughter Is A Drug Addict

Wynonna had her second child, a daughter, with her first husband. Her name is Grace. 

Grace was first found with the equipment to make meth in 2015 by the cops. 

Hence she was charged with the manufacture of meth and let loose. 

After two years of this incident, Grace was proven guilty of manufacturing and selling meth. Hence, she was sentenced to 180 days in rehab. 

On her rehab days, she tried to run from rehab. So for doing so, she was also sentenced to eight years in prison. 

Her mother tried to take her out on bail and was successful. But shortly, she was again arrested for her acts.

Wynonna Couldn't Get Over Her Mother’s Death 

For over three decades, Wynonna’s mother, Naomi, has been her singing partner. 

They had a very special connection with each other emotionally. They used to fight often, but it just makes their relationship strong. 

But suddenly, Naomi’s suicide news came out. Wynonna was shocked and depressed. 

She expressed that her mother’s suicide not only made her sad and depressed but also left her in mystery. 

She never knew what was going on with her mother. Her mother never talked about her stress with Wynonna

Wynonna said that her mother only used to state that she had the joy of stress and nothing more. 

Wynonna never knew about her mother’s problem, whether it was rape, being fired from her job, or other things.  

Wynonna was just left with depression, for which she consulted a professional man to make her better. 

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