Who Is Caleb Oyelowo? Son Of David Oyelowo

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Who Is Caleb Oyelowo? Son Of David Oyelowo

Caleb Oyelowo is the son of actor, director, and producer David Oyelowo. She has three siblings. His mother is Jessica Oyelowo.

Family of Caleb Oyelowo.
Family of Caleb Oyelowo. Source: Facebook

Parent's Married Life

David is happily married to Jessica Oyelowo. His wife is a singer and actress

They met each other at drama school. They tied the knot in 1998. They have four kids altogether. Asher Yelo is their eldest son.

They live in California with their children.

Parents of Caleb Oyelowo.
Parents of Caleb Oyelowo. Source: Instagram


His father, David, is 47 years old

Net Worth

His father, David's net worth is estimated at $6 million

David Revealed That His Father Mispronounces Celebrities Names

David's dad is originally from Nigeria

David said that his father does not like it when people mispronounce their last names, but he himself mispronounces many Hollywood celebrities' names. 

He said his dad mispronounced Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg

He said he met Oprah Winfrey and knew about her, but still cannot pronounce her name correctly. 

David Shared How He Got Into Acting

David was born in the United Kingdom. He went to Nigeria, lived there for seven years, and then returned to London

He said he got into acting because he liked a girl. 

He shared he was living in North London and used to go to church, and he was obsessed with Pastor's daughter. 

He said the girl used to work in the overhead projector, and he used to sit at the back of the church and listen to every church for about a year. 

One day, the girl approached him and invited him to the theatre. 

He thought it was a date, so he plucked a rose for her from his mother's garden. 

When he walked towards her with a rose holding his hand, he knew from her expression that she didn’t see things the way he did. 

He dropped the rose, and they went to see the play. The girl took him backstage, where there was a youth theatre. 

He went to a room where young boys were warming up. He loved that, and that's how he got into acting. 

David Stayed In Character As Martin Luther King

David played the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the historical drama film Selma in 2014

The shot for the movie is for two to three months. He said portraying Martin Luther King on screen was a huge responsibility. 

He said Forest Whittaker and Daniel Day-Lewis are his favorite actors, and he got an opportunity to work with them while working with both of them.

He learned that both of them stayed in their character the whole time. 

He decided to do the same things as they did and stuck by his character the entire time. 

He said, however, it was upsetting for his wife. 

He shared they were moving to a different house, and once, his wife called and asked him to choose between brown curtains or grey curtains. 

He said that she could not talk about curtains with Martin Luther King and that they would talk about it once he was done shooting the movie. 

David Talked About Moving To Los Angeles

David lived in Brighton, and later, he moved to Los Angeles with his family. He has been living in LA for more than 15 years

He has extended family in America

He said when he moved to the US, many people contacted him, telling him they were his cousins, and asked him to pay their school fees and house rent. 

He ignored all those messages. Later, he found that he had many cousins in America. They met each other before the pandemic.

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