Cam Reading – Meet Girlfriend Of Scott McTominay

by sabina Tue May 14 2024 Updated On Tue May 14 2024
Cam Reading – Meet Girlfriend Of Scott McTominay

Cam Reading is the stunning girlfriend of Manchester United Ace Scott McTominay

McTominay plays as a midfielder for Manchester United and the Scotland national team.

Cam is a director at the asset management firm "Fortress Capital."

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How long has she been dating McTominay?

It is yet to be known how long the couple has been dating, but they were spotted together enjoying a trip to Dubai in late 2022 during the World Cup break.

They have been inseparable since then and often share adorable pictures of themselves.

Cam, who is active on social media with 26.7k followers on Instagram, usually posts stunning pictures. 

Her bikini-clad pictures are mesmerizing and leave fans stunned.

Cam Reading and Scott McTominay have been dating since late 2022
Cam Reading and Scott McTominay have been dating since late 2022. Source: Instagram 
Cam Reading and Scott McTominay are head over heels in love
Cam Reading and Scott McTominay are head over heels in love. Source: Instagram 


She is 27 years old.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have the net worth of McTominay. His net worth is estimated to be around £25 million.

A golf ball hit her

Cam went through an awkward situation after a golf ball hit her at the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament. 

Cam and McTominay were in the United Arab Emirates to watch the game back in January during Premier League winter break where McTominay was a special guest. 

As they were watching, Cam was suddenly hit by a golf ball while her back was turned.

Cam later told the DP World Tour Instagram page that she and her beloved just sat there having a nice conversation, and then suddenly a bang happened over there, and the ball bounced over and hit her back and landed underneath her bum. 

McTominay also added, "You can't actually write the script for that," to which Cam jokingly said she would try to sell it on eBay if she could get it signed after being told she could keep the ball.

McTominay is on the verge of losing £1 million by investing in a failed firm run by Cam

Cam and her father, Ashley Reading's firm "Fortress Capital Partners," went bust last year. 

According to The Scottish Sun, the firm owed £18 million and left 230 people out of pocket. 

The firm borrowed from investors, including Irish singer Shane Lynch, and then lent it out at higher rates. 

Cam had also spent millions of pounds on luxury investment properties in the UK, Dubai, and Spain. McTominay lent £1 million to buy one in Portugal

The Sun also reported that the investors are not happy as Cam happens to share a luxury lifestyle on social media despite owing the firm £1.2 million. 

One of the investors who lost called it rubbing salt in the wound for those of them who have lost their life savings noting a photo of Cam blowing a kiss with a glass of champagne at a Claridge's hotel room with Scott.

McTominay on his upbringing, his journey to Manchester United, and the cost of being a footballer

McTominay appeared in the High-Performance podcast, his first-ever podcast, where he talked about his football journey, the challenges along the way, the cost of being a footballer, and many more.

McTominay began with the definition of high performance which he believes to be the standards that he holds accountable to himself in terms of what he does every single day at football and the standards that he is going in there every single day to learn and work hard and prove himself.

For McTominay, his journey to Manchester United was pretty quick. He was very young and was playing in his local team when he got spotted by the scouts. 

The scouts approached his parents and coach asking if he would be interested in coming down to Development Centre. 

His upbringing played a major part. 

He said he was extremely fortunate with his upbringing in terms of his parents, without whom he wouldn't be in the position he is today, and if it wasn't for the dedication and how good they were with him as a kid. 

His parents had no problem driving him miles back and forth for the training.

Cam Reading boyfriend Scott McTominay with his beloved parents. He was around 15 or 16 at the time
Cam Reading boyfriend Scott McTominay with his beloved parents. He was around 15 or 16 at the time. Source: Instagram

But the journey was not that easy. 

He was 5'6 when he was 17 and was the last one to develop in terms of physical because of which he used to get bullied and roughed about football matches. 

He said he had to work really hard for everything that he had gotten. There were times when he felt like giving up.

He didn't kick a ball from 16 to 18 in the youth team and he was in the gym for two years and it was painful. 

McTominay's height eventually increased. He is 6'4 inches tall today. 

McTominay also talked about the cost of being a footballer. 

There is a lot he misses out on which he said is normal because he has been used to it since he was a kid.

"Though you don't miss everything completely, sometimes birthdays and the rest of it you can miss out on, but as you say, it's a small thing that is being missed out in terms of your football career, and there are always other times that you can see people and stuff like that," he said.

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