Who Is Cam Roxburgh? Father Of Melissa Roxburgh

by Manisha Sun Apr 16 2023 Updated On Sun Apr 16 2023

Cam Roxburgh is the father of actress Melissa Roxburgh. He is a pastor in Canada. He is married to Shelly Walpole, who is British

His wife is a retired professional tennis player. They two share four kids. He is originally from the United States.

Cam Roxburgh's wife, and daughter.
Cam Roxburgh's wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Melissa Dating Anyone?

Melissa is dating J.R. Ramirez, an actor. However, she was linked to her co-star J.R. Ramirez in 2020

But they kept their relationship very private. 

They were seen together on a romantic vacation to Fiji which led to the speculation that they had seen each other, but they never confirmed being in a romantic relationship.

Now, they are open about their relationship and have seen together at several events.

Melissa Roxburgh with her boyfriend, J.R. Ramirez.
Melissa Roxburgh with her boyfriend, J.R. Ramirez. Source: Pinterest


His daughter Melissa is 30 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Melissa's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. 

Children of Cam Roxburgh.
Children of Cam Roxburgh. Source: Instagram

Melissa Share Some Details About The Netflix Show Manifest Final Season

Melissa plays the role of Michaela, who is a detective at NYPD. She is playing the sister of Ben Stone, played by Josh Dallas

The show aired in 2018 and has four seasons. However, Melissa said she was happy the show didn't end with season three. 

She said the show deserved one final season and added that a vast mystery remains unsolved. 

She shared show had ended on a food note, and fans will be happy to see that. 

She said that she loved the cast as they worked together for five years. 

She shared they pretty much know everything about each other. They also shot during a pandemic. 

She said they were family to her, and the most challenging part was saying goodbye to everyone. 

Melissa Pranked Josh Dallas On The Set Of Manifest

Melissa and Josh play brother and sister in the Netflix show Manifest. Melissa revealed that she had pulled some pranks on Josh

She added she could prank people who take things seriously. She said Josh is a light-hearted person. 

She said the first time she did a prank on him was a fail. She shared that Josh is scared of cockroaches. 

So she ordered some fake cockroaches from Amazon. She kept those fake cockroaches in some random places all over his room. 

He walked over to his room, and he didn’t like it. So she got him the second time. 

Melissa Flew A Plane

Melissa shared that she was going to Nashville for Thanksgiving with her friend. 

And her friend's friend is a pilot, and he asked them to come to his plane. She thought it was fun, so she agreed. 

Later he asked her if she was willing to fly it. At first, she thought that he was kidding, but it was pretty serious. 

He said her grandfather was also a pilot, and she wanted to take that opportunity to tell her grandpa that she had flown a plane. 

She said she flew the plane for half an hour over Nashville. But, first, he briefed her about the controls. 

She said he was all relaxed and completely trusted her. She said she had an enjoyable time. 

Melissa Shared Her Thought On Reading Script Of Manifest

Melissa said she immediately knew she wanted to be part of the show when she read the script. 

She said the script was completely different than the other scripts she had read. 

She added she wanted to know more about the show as an audience as the story was unique and new. 

She said it was a sign that she wanted to do the show. She said she felt connected to the characters as she read the script. 

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