Who Is Camellia Smart? Mother Of Marcus Smart

by Manisha Sun Apr 23 2023 Updated On Sun Apr 30 2023
Who Is Camellia Smart? Mother Of Marcus Smart

Camellia Smart is the late mother of professional basketball player Marcus Smart who plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association

She was married to Billy Frank. They are parents to four kids altogether, Michael Smart, Jeff, Todd, and Marcus

Todd dies at the age of 33 due to leukemia. She died at the age of 63 because of cancer

Camellia Smart with her son, Marcus Smart, and her husband.
Camellia Smart with her son, Marcus Smart, and her husband. Source: Instagram

Marcus Opened Up About Living A Life Without His Mom

Marcus' mother was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome. He lost his mother in 2018 after she lost her battle with cancer

Nine days after his mother's death, he shared that she meant the world to him and he could fulfill her wishes before she passed away. 

He said he was happy and blessed to have his mother by his side when he made his dream come true. 

He said that he never thought that his mom would take a rest eternally, but he was happy that she was in a better place, free from pain and worries. 

He was learning to live his life without his mom. But during the first season, her absence took a toll on him. 

But as time passed by, he handled the tragedy remarkably. 

Camellia Smart with her son, Marcus Smart.
Camellia Smart with her son, Marcus Smart. Source: Instagram

Does Marcus Have A Girlfriend?

Marcus is in a relationship with Maisa Hallum, a creative director and founder of the swimwear line Sousa Swim

The two got engaged in 2022 on Christmas. Will Smith helped him to set up a smart proposal. 

Will Smith sent a video message hinting that Maisa won’t go empty-handed this Christmas. The two have been dating each other since 2018

Marcus Smart with her fiancee.
Marcus Smart with her fiancee. Source: Instagram


Camellia died at the age of 63 years old.

Net Worth

Camellia's son's net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Marcus Talked About Proving Himself As A True Point Guard

Marcus said that when he was in college, he played as a point guard and was drafted as a point guard

He said he didn’t get a chance to show himself as a point guard in Celtics, so when he got a chance, he showed everyone who doubted him. 

Marcus Responds To Bam Adebayo's Claim About DPOY

Marcus was named NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2022.

According to some reports, Bam Adebayo, who plays for the Miami Heat, claimed that he should have won the DPOY title instead of him. 

Marcus laughed over his claim and said that both knew that was a lie. He said that he is a good friend. 

What Did Marcus Say To Thanasis Antekounmpo On Christmas?

In 2022 when Celtics were playing against the Milwaukee Bucks, things got heated up between Jaylene and Giannis

In an interview, Marcus said that when Thanais tried to step into Giannis and Jaylene Brown's fight, he jumped in, pushed him in the back on the court, told him to calm down, and said that there was nothing to be mad about. 

He joked that when someone picks up on his younger brother, it's natural that the older brother would react that way. 

He further said if he were in his place, he would also react similarly. So he just tried to calm him down. 

He said they shook hands when the game ended, and there was no further discussion. He added they have respect for each other. 

Marcus Talked About Guarding Stephen Curry

Marcus has defended Steph Curry a lot in the 2021-22 series. 

He agreed that he had to work hard and be well-conditioned to defend him; if he was not, he would make him pay for that. 

He said everyone knew what he could do and that he had to be ready for everything. 

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