Camila Cabello Weight Gain Story

by Pragya Mon Jul 24 2023 Updated On Fri Jan 19 2024
Camila Cabello Weight Gain Story

Camila Cabello is a singer and songwriter. She came to the spotlight for being a member of the girl band Fifth Harmony

Camila was born in the year 1997 and has her birthday on March 3. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Camila has been a celebrity and has always been in the spotlight. 

In 2021, she was seen gaining weight, which started a new controversy.

Camila Got Bullied For Weight Gain

Back in 2021, there was a drastic change in Camila's body. 

She gained weight, and as she was a public figure, it took no time for her fans to notice her body changes and make comments about it. 

People started saying bad shaming her. She opened up about an incident, revealing that she was on a run to be fit.  

She had her top on, which didn't cover her body, and the people around her made her feel so insecure about it. 

She felt insecure, but later, she realized that it was her body, and, like all ordinary women, she had curves and was proud of her body.

Old Photo of Camila Cabello.
Old Photo of Camila Cabello. Source: Hollywood Life

Reason Behind Camila's Weight Gain

Camila revealed that she started gaining weight in 2020, as we all know about the COVID-19 pandemic 2020

Everything got shut down, and people were forced to stay in the house. 

Gyms were closed, too, and because of that, Camila couldn't go out of the house or to the gym.

Camila Doesn't Have A Strict Diet

Unlike many celebrities, Camila does not believe in following a strict diet. 

She revealed that she has straightforward eating plans following Intuitive eating. 

Instead of making charts on what to eat on what day, she prefers eating what her body asks. 

She also eats small portions of meals and eats very slowly. That method of eating helps Camila to avoid overeating.

Camila's Rumors About Pregnancy

Camila's sudden body change and weight gain amazed many people. Her weight gain also made her lose belly fat. 

So, in 2021, people mistook her belly for a baby bump when she posted her photo with her natural body. They thought Camila was pregnant. 

However, Camila ended the entire rumor, revealing that she was not pregnant and that it was her average body that she loved embracing.

Workout For A Healthy Body 

Camila's weight transformation has amazed everyone. 

She gained weight because of the pandemic but has now returned to her original shape. 

She works out hard every day, and her workout routine consists of hardcore exercises like shoulder press, chest press, and many other exercises. 

She has also posted videos of her working out. Camila is focused on both upper and lower body movement. 

Her workout routine also consists of rest and recovery. She gives her body the chance to heal and rest from heavy workouts.

Beautiful Camila Cabello.
Beautiful Camila Cabello. Source: Instagram

Camila Felt Insecure About Her Body 

Camila has been around the public eye every time, and being in the spotlight, she always felt that her every movement had been watched. 

The same thing happened when she gained weight. After COVID, her body changed a lot. 

She knew it was normal and was not self-conscious about it, but when she got out with her friends and family at the beach, she was getting followed by paparazzi, and they were clicking their pictures. 

The very next day, she saw her photos everywhere, and people were making mean comments about her body. 

She felt so insecure because of the negativity of people that she felt like she needed therapy so that she could overcome her insecurity. 

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