Who Is Camila Galante? Stunning Wife Of Leandro Paredes

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Who Is Camila Galante? Stunning Wife Of Leandro Paredes

Camila Galante is the wife of Argentine professional football player Leandro Paredes.

Camila is a Make-up artist and Entrepreneur by her profession. 

She was born in the year 1992 and had her birthday on June 19. Her birth city is San Justo.

She is an Argentine citizen.

Camila Galante with her parents.
Camila Galante with her parents. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Camila is married to her husband, Leandro Paredes. The couple has been married since 2017.

Camila Galante With her husband, Leandro Paredes.
Camila Galante With her husband, Leandro Paredes. Source: Instagram

They share two children, a daughter, and a son, born before marriage.

Their first child, daughter Victoria Paredes, was born in the year 2013, and their second child, son Giovanni Paredes, was born in 2016.

Children of Camila Galante.
Children of Camila Galante. Source: Instagram

Before tying the knot, they dated for a decade.

Age And Net Worth 

Camila is 30 years old. The net worth of Camila is $21 Million.

Her source of income is as a make-up artist and Entrepreneur.  

Family of Camila Galante.
Family of Camila Galante. Source: Instagram

Leandro Considers Kylian Mbappe Stranger

Leandro had played for PGG for more than three years. He has been friends with almost all the players and staff of the team. 

Being a midfielder, he also has a good connection with attackers and defenders.

But as he turned in Juventus, he was asked about Kylian Mbappe. 

He expressed that he didn’t know about Kylie Mbappe. Although they played in the same team, he said that they never spoke to each other. 

Many other people also said that Mbappe is hard to manage and handle. 

In the case of Leandro, he preferred to talk about other close teammates of his team rather than Mbappe, whom he doesn’t know about personally and emotionally.

He said that he doesn’t talk about strangers.

Leandro Was Not Given Any Advantage

Leandro didn’t leave PSG to join Juventus as a loaned player who had to go against his club. 

The match between Juventus and Paris Saint Germain in the Champions League was set up on the day of Tuesday.

Leandro had to go against the club he used to play for just a week before. 

It was obviously awkward for him. But as he was committed to Juventus, he had to do his part in the fight with his former teammates. 

But for PSG as well, players were not soft on Leandro. Ramos, in particular, was very defensive toward the midfielder. 

Ramos even tackled the ex-PSG player without any hesitation. Although Leandro did well, his team lost.

Leandro Was Lucky 

Leandro is indeed a brilliant player, but back in his days at PSG, when it was turn to take a free kick, it was either De Maria or Neymar. 

They were the prior option of the team to take the free kick. But in one of the league matches, both players were absent. 

They were not on the line-up, and it was time for Leandro to shine. 

The PSG team got the free kick, and Leandro got the opportunity to take the free kick. 

To everyone’s surprise, he actually scored a beautiful goal out of the free kick. 

In the following interview about that brilliant goal, Leandro said that he was lucky to get the opportunity to take the free kick, and the rest is history.

Leandro Has A French Idol

Leandro has grown up looking at the French legend Zinedine Zidane. 

He revealed that as a kid, he never missed watching the forward player. 

He learned a lot from Zidane just by watching him play again and again. 

Leandro said that the way Zidane plays with full composition, calm, and regards inspires him. 

Leandro also expressed that Zidane plays with the same intention and energy in any kind of match, hard or challenging. 

Hence he really respects the French legend and follows in his footsteps.

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