Camilla Consuelos - Truth About Mark Consuelos Mother

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Camilla Consuelos - Truth About Mark Consuelos Mother

Camilla Consuelos is the mother of famous actor Mark Consuelos

Camilla’s married to Saul Consuelos. Camilla has three children with Saul

Camilla has two sons and one daughter. Camilla's daughter is a lawyer, and her older son is a doctor. 

Her youngest son is an actor by his profession. Camilla is Italian by her nationality.

Camilla with her husband and grandson
Camilla with her husband and grandson  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Mark Consuelos

Mark is married to Kelly Ripa. They both met each other in the audition for the movie named All My Children

When Kelly was introduced to Mark by the director, she fell in love with him at first sight. 

But Mark was completely focused on his job. He thought Kelly was beautiful but never thought of being with her. 

After that, they started dating each other and opened up their relation publicly.  

They also broke up for a certain time and again got reunited.

They went to Las Vegas and exchanged vows on 1 May 1996

They also married again in 2008 for the second time in Church in the presence of their families.  

After one year of their first marriage, their first child Michael Joseph was born. 

They welcomed their second child, daughter Lola in 2001 and Joaquin in 2003.  

Mark and Kelly are very happy with each other. 

They are still together and completed 25 years of being together. 

Mark and Kelly are both happy with their three children.

Mark with his wife, Kelly
Mark with his wife, Kelly  Source: Instagram 

About Mark Consuelos

Mark's full name is Mark Andrew Consuelos is an American actor who was born on 30 March 1971

Mark is the youngest child of his parents Camilla and Saul Consuelos

He was raised with his brother and sister by her parents. Mark started his acting career by appearing in educational series. 

After that, he worked as a dancer. His first movie was All My Children that he had played with his wife, Kelly.  

After that, he started to play on the big screen. 

He was well known for his movies My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Wedding Daze and The Great Raid

He has also appeared in many series.

Mark has also won many awards for his outstanding performance in his movies. 

He also won the title of best villain.

Camilla Consuelos with her son
Camilla Consuelos with her son  Source: Instagram 

Did Mark Get Cheated By His Wife?

When Mark was busy in his shooting in Boston, he could not get in contact with her wife, Kelly

He tried to call his wife, but she didn't received his call.

He wanted to know what his wife was doing.  Suddenly, he started to develop bad feelings.

So he couldn't stand and went straight to get into flight back to home. 

After getting on the flight, he again tried to contact his wife, but she didn't answer the phone. 

He became more suspicious and thought that his wife Kelly was cheating on him. 

Mark thought to catch her wife red-handed, so he told his doorman to inform his wife that there was a flower delivery.

On the other side, his wife Kelly was so happy that she thought his husband had sent her flowers. 

Later his wife opened the door, thinking it was flower delivery. 

She saw he husband over there. Mark directly went inside the home and started searching for another man. 

His wife stood there in the door with a mop, wearing a bathrobe. 

She was cleaning the bathroom that's why she couldn't answer the phone at that time.

After that, he knew that his wife was not cheating on him, and he was wrong. It was such a embarrassment moment of his life.


Her son is 50 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Mark is $40 Million. His source of income is acting.  

Mark earning is estimated to be $18,995.43 per day.

Daughter In Law Sweet Gesture On Her Birthday

On her birthday, Camilla got beautiful and sweet gestures from her daughter in law Kelly Ripa. 

Kelly shared a photo collage with her mother-in-law and wished her on birthday.

Through those photos, her daughter-in-law has shown their strong bond. 

Kelly posted all photographs of Camilla with her child Mark and husband, Saul

Camilla's daughter-in-law also captioned the photo saying that she is proud to have an in-law like Camilla.  

Kelly showed her love and affection towards her mother-in-law through those photos.

Camilla was happy as her flashback moment came to her with those photographs.

Mark Was Accused Of Not Being A Family Man

A fan accused Mark of not being a family man as he spent much of his time working.

When Mark's wife Kelly posted a photo of him, a fan commented that Mark never gives time to his wife and children. 

At that time, their whole family went on a vacation to chill. 

Mark and Kelly both posted many pictures of them enjoying the vacation. 

Kelly posted a picture of Mark in which he was shirtless, showing his muscular body, which dragged everyone's attention. 

In the same post, a fan commented on him not being a family man, which was responded by Kelly saying that Mark is on vacation with them and he gives time to both his work and family. 

He is good at multitasking as he takes care of his work and family simultaneously. 

Kelly's response showed that she is very supportive of her husband, Mark.

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