Canyon Grey Felton- Who Is Jeremih Son

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Canyon Grey Felton- Who Is Jeremih Son

Canyon Grey Felton is well known for being the son of American singer Jeremih. He was born on July 4, 2012, in Illinois, Chicago, United States. 

Canyon Grey Felton with his dad and brother.
Canyon Grey Felton with his dad and brother.

His Parents

Canyon was born to his mother, Rachel Leigh, an entrepreneur, and father, Jeremih. 

His parents were never married to each other. The couples were known to be dating each other in 2011. 

They separated in 2012, the same year they had given birth to their son. Jeremih admitted that he was not loyal to his ex-girlfriend Rachel. 

Canyon Grey Felton and his mom.
Canyon Grey Felton and his mom.

About His Father Jeremih

Jeremy Philip Felton was born on July 17, 1987, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. 

He is a singer-songwriter and record producer. The R&B singer has created several albums, such as ‘Jeremih,’ ‘All About You’ and ‘Late Nights.’ 

Some of his hit songs are ‘Birthday Sex’, ‘Love Don’t Change’, ‘Impatient’, ‘Planez’ and others.   

Chicago Music Awards awarded him the best male vocalist of the year in 2011.

Age And Net Worth

The age of Canyon is 11 years old.

The net worth of Canyon Grey Felton's father holds a net worth of $2 million. 

Jeremih Talks About Finding Love

In an interview with HOT 97, he shared that he thought he was in love and that love would last forever. 

He has said “I love you” a couple of times for sure, but still, he was in thought about whether he felt it or not. 

He added that he would still be in love if he were in love. He says he just got to love himself more, and that’s what it came for like him to love somebody else. He got to love himself a little more. 

Jeremih Had To Learn How To Walk In Adulthood

When Jeremih got caught by COVID-19, he had a tremendous physical issue in his body. 

The singer had to learn how to walk again, which was shared in Angela Yee's podcast interview. 

He shared that when he had it back, it was getting off the bed he was thinking of leaping, and he had to learn daily how to walk, walking up the steps type. 

Before such an incident, he was in the bathroom and felt the room was shaking; when he was taken to the hospital, he didn’t remember anything after reaching there.   

7-Year Hiatus Of Jeremih

When Jeremih didn’t develop any of his songs for seven years, he never felt such a gap because it was like staying afloat and was never intentional. 

Later, after seven years, the R&B singer made another strike with his songs because he had the idea of the time for the R&B season. 

He felt it’s been seven years since he dropped his last single, and it’s time to go. 

Jeremih, On Reading Music

When asked if he was born with the gift of reading music, he said he wouldn’t know he could read music, but he plays by ear. 

He shared that he is a musician really at heart. He never knew that he would be known internationally for singing. 

He added he came from production; instead of singing, he was making beats, and when he went on that way, he started playing drums and keys, which also later came vocally in the records. 

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