Who Is Cara Whitney? Wife Of Larry the Cable Guy

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Who Is Cara Whitney? Wife Of Larry the Cable Guy

Cara Whitney is the wife of comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney, known by his stage name Larry the Cable Guy. 

She is an author and worked as a radio DJ. She was born in 1976 in Wisconsin, US

Cara Whitney with her husband, Larry the Cable Guy.
Cara Whitney with her husband, Larry the Cable Guy. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Cara and Daniel met each other in 2004. At that time, she worked as a radio personality in Los Angeles, and her husband was in the initial phase of his career. 

They connected instantly after they had their first conversation. Both of them loved cattle trucks. 

They got married in 2005 in Nebraska. They kept their wedding simple and casual. They share two kids, Reagan, and Wyatt. 

Cara Whitney with her husband, Larry the Cable Guy, and their children.
Cara Whitney, her husband, Larry the Cable Guy, and their children. Source: Pinterest


Cara is 47 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $1 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her radio DJ career and as an author.

Larry Did The Voiceover Of Mater In The Film Cars 3

Larry was the voice of Mater in the 2017 computer sports comedy adventure film Cars 3

He said his voice in the film differs from his stage voice. 

He said he had no particular accent growing up and could do any accent. 

He shared that he was hired for the job because of his voice. 

He mentioned that he was very nervous as the film was huge and he wanted to give his best. 

He even asked if John wanted him to make some voices, but he asked Larry to use his natural voice instead of making any modifications to his voice. 

So he read the lines with his voice, and John laughed and loved it. 

He said the lines generally as he would talk in real life, and his voice was perfect for Mater.

He revealed he didn't do any practice to master the voice. He said it was funny and he had a great time. 

He added he loved working in the film as they allowed him to be himself and use his voice. 

He joked that he put on some weights to do voiceover for the show.

Larry Shared His First Standup Show

Larry performed for the first time in 1985 at an open might night in West Palm Beach, Florida

His friends pressured him to go on stage. He said there was an agency in West Palm Beach

His brother, sister, and friends came to see his show. He said he wore a buckwheat color shirt and shorts and a David Lee Roth cap. 

While the other comedians were in suits with notebooks in their hands, he asked his friends why everyone was so dressed up formally. 

They thought it was just an open mic night, so they dressed casually. 

He didn’t want to get on the stage as he was stressed and didn’t want to make a fool out of himself. 

But his friend John encouraged him to go to the stage because his friends had come over to see him perform. 

He was convinced and agreed to stay. He watched the first standup performed by a guy in a suit and failed miserably. 

After that guy's deficient performance, he was ready to go on stage. 

He shared that if the guy had killed it with his performance, he would have never gone down on stage. 

He joked that he owed his career to that guy. He said he had a cigar in his mouth and a box with his beat on his shoulder. 

Everyone applauded when he went down there. He revealed after he gave his performance, he knew that he was going to do that forever.

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