Cari Velardo- Tragedy Of Tug McGraw Daughter

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Cari Velardo- Tragedy Of Tug McGraw Daughter

Cari Velardo is the daughter of late American professional baseball relief pitcher and long-time Major League Baseball player Tug McGraw

Her mother's name is Phyllis Kline.

She has three siblings, one of her brothers, Mark McGraw, and two half-brothers. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

About Cari's Father Tug 

Tug is a late professional baseball relief pitcher and long-time Major League Baseball player

He was born to his mom Mable McKenna and dad Frank Edwin McGraw. His parents raised him with his sibling in Martinez, California

Cari Velardo's father, Tug McGraw.
Cari Velardo's father, Tug McGraw. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Tug 

He was married two times in his life. His first marriage was with Phyllis Kline

They got married back in 1968 and shared two children a son named Mark and a daughter named Cari. Tug and Phyllis were married till 1988. 

His second marriage was with Diane Hovenkamp. They had a son together named Matthew McGraw

Tug also had a son with a woman named Betty D'Agostino. His name is Tim McGraw. 

Parents of Cari Velardo.
Parents of Cari Velardo. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her father, Tug, was 59 years old at his death. He had a net worth of $80 Million. 

Cari Is Living Her Dad's Words

Cari is known for being the daughter of the greatest baseball player, Tug

She always had a good relationship with her dad, but now, as he is gone, she lives in his dad's word. 

Her brother, half-brother, and she are living their life in their dad's words Ya Gotta Believe. 

His dad always taught them to do what they liked and wanted to do. 

He always told Cari and her brother to follow their heart and that good thing would automatically happen if they sought and did what they loved. 

She shared how big-hearted her dad was. 

He always adored his fan, and after every game, her dad would be the last person to come out as he tried his best to talk to their fans, sign their autographs, and sing for them. 

Her dad used to make her check fans' emails so that he could know which one of the emails from his fan was important and makes sure to read it. 

Tug's Son Related A Song To His Condition

Tug's eldest son Tim McGraw is one of the most excellent country musicians

His son's song titled Live Like You Were Dying was the song he wrote relating to Tug's condition. 

Tug passed away in 2004, and his son released that song in the same year.

According to his son Tim, he got the idea of the song when he knew about Tug's brain cancer and was under treatment. 

That was a tragic moment when that song got into his mind. 

Tim recalled when his dad stayed in his cabin room, and that time he, his uncle, and his brother stayed out watching football. 

He wanted to play that song in front of Tug but couldn't. After his father's death, he released the song, which got a hit.

Tim received many awards for that song.

Tug Was Unknown About His Son

Tug's first child was Tim McGraw

His son was born through his affair with Betty O'Agostion, but sadly, Tug had no idea about his son for many years.

According to Tug, he and Betty didn't have a serious relationship, as Betty chose to leave after sex. 

She left and broke all contact with Tug after they had sex for the first time. 

When they had sexual relations, Betty was just a high school girl and went to live in Louisiana. Because of that, Tug never knew about their child Tim. 

Tug met Tim when he was 17 years old on his game, but he told Tim that he wouldn’t be able to be his dad. 

They didn't have father and son relationship, and things were messed up between them. 

But slowly, their relationship changed after Tug paid for Tim's college studies. 

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