Who Is Carine Hazard? Mother Of Eden Hazard

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Who Is Carine Hazard? Mother Of Eden Hazard

Carine Hazard is the mother of Belgian professional football player Eden Hazard. 

In her young days, Carine herself had played in the Belgian Women's First Division as a striker

She is married to her husband, Thierry Hazard. She is a Belgian citizen by her nationality.

Family of Carine Hazard.
Family of Carine Hazard. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children 

Carine is married to her husband, Thierry Hazard, a former footballer, and a coach

Carine and her husband both have been married to each other for a long time. 

They met each other for the first time in one of the football matches. 

They have four children: Eden, Thorgan Hazard, Kylian Hazard, and Ethan Hazard.

As Carine and her husband both were from a sports background, three of their son also chose a football career, and as of now, their sons are well-known players and has gained massive success in their career. 

Carine and her husband both have great parents as they support their children to this date. They travel far to see their kids’ matches.

Carine Hazard with her husband, Thierry Hazard.
Carine Hazard with her husband, Thierry Hazard. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Carine are unknown. Her son Eden has a net worth of $100 Million.

Carine Hazard's son, Eden Hazard.
Carine Hazard's son, Eden Hazard. Source: Instagram

Carine Was A Football Player

Carine’s name has been highlighted in football as the mother of Hazard, a world-class player. 

But many don’t know that Carine was also a one-time professional football player. 

She was so good that she got to play in the first-division club in Belgium. She played as a striker and often scored goals. 

But she had to leave the sport for her family. She played football until three months of pregnancy with her first child. 

After that, she permanently left football. She then gave birth to three more children and never hoped to play football again. 

But she didn’t leave the sport directly. She is still connected to the sport as she is now a sports teacher.

Football Is In The Blood Of Carine's Family

As Carine was a football player and is still linked with the sport. All four sons of her are professional football players. 

His first son Eden is currently a world-renowned player playing for Real Madrid, but her other three sons are also professional footballers, playing for the most popular clubs. 

Her son Thorgan plays in Dortmund, Kylian for Chelsea, and her youngest son still plays in the academy. 

Not just her children but her husband was also once a professional football player playing for a second division club. 

But he left football to give more time to his family and is now a sports teacher like Carine.

Carine's Son Eden Attacked The Ball Boy

Eden and his team Chelsea were playing against Swans

The match was a semi-final match for the Blues’ League Cup. As the game was pressurized, all the players were anxious, and so was Eden. 

When the ball boy Charlie refused to give the ball, Hazard was frustrated and kicked the ball that the boy was holding, and on doing so, the boy was also kicked. 

The police were called for his actions, but they didn’t do anything as the boy refused to case against Eden. 

But his act was punishable, so the Football Association took action against it.

Hazard Was Criticized Because He Joked

Real Madrid went against Chelsea in the Champions League Knockout round and was defeated. 

Eden playing against his old club was something to be noticed in the game. 

After finishing the game, Eden joked with his ex-teammate Mendy and Zouma

For this, he was criticized by fans. He was thought of as not being serious about the team. But he revealed that it was nothing like that. 

He met his old friends after a long time and was happy about it. 

And about the match, he revealed that he wanted more than anything to win against his old club. 

He has always felt at home in Real Madrid, so he had never thought of moving to any other club. 

He expressed that he wanted to win with the club.

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