Who Is Carl Gugino Jr.? Half Brother Of Carla Gugino

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Carl Gugino Jr. is a half-brother of actress, model, and producer Carla Gugino. His father is Carl Gugino, who was an orthodontist by profession. 

He does not have any other siblings. 

Carl Gugino Jr.'s father and sister.
Carl Gugino Jr.'s father and sister. Source: Instagram

Sister's Live Life

Carla is not married yet. But she is in a relationship with Sebastian Gutierrez. They have been together since 1996

Her boyfriend is a filmmaker. They are yet to become parents as they do not share kids from their relationship till now. 

Carla Gugino with her husband.
Carla Gugino with her husband. Source: Pinterest


Carla is 52 years old.

Net Worth

Carla's net worth is estimated to be $4 million

Carl Gugino Jr.'s sister, Carla Gugino.
Carl Gugino Jr.'s sister, Carla Gugino. Source: Pinterest

Carla Talks About Her Character In Miniseries The Fall Of The House Of Usher

Carla is playing the role of Verna in Netflix's new dark and mysterious miniseries 'The Fall of House of Usher.' 

Carla said that though the miniseries had supernatural elements to her character, Verna is neither evil nor devil

She said she was very excited to play that role. She said Verna is not human, but she is the executor of fate. 

She added her character meets everyone before they die, and she offers them an honest conversation before they die. 

She added Verna gave them a chance to change their decision. 

She said the thing that she loved about her role was she was from the outside world but was able to stay in the world like a crow, observing everything that happened in the real world. 

She shared that her character can see people in and out and allow people to tell the truth. 

Carla Lied About Her Age To Land A Role

In an interview with James Corden, Carla revealed that she lied about her age to get cast in the film 'Troop Beverly Hills.' 

The movie was released in 1989. She was taller and looked a little bit older than her other co-stars. 

Before IMDB, they were allowed to lie about their age. Carla said it was the first and last time she lied about her age to get a job. 

She said she was 16 years old, but she told them that she was 14 so that she could get a role in the movie. 

Three weeks after shooting for the film, she told the director that she lied about her age to them. 

She thought she had shot enough and they wouldn’t fire her, so he decided to tell the director. 

When she told the director that she was 16, the director told her he would have never hired her if they knew she was 16. 

Carla was shocked to hear that. 

Some Fun Facts About Carla

Carla shared that she eats dark chocolate and her day. She said people don’t believe her that her day can’t go without having dark chocolate. 

No matter what time it is and where she is, she has to take a bath.  

Her mother taught Pig Latin, and she is fluent in it. She takes out every L and F and adds to every vowel. 

Lesser Known Facts About Carla

Carla's parents parted ways when she was two years old. She spent half her childhood with her dad and the other half with her mother. 

She worked as a teenage model. She got her parent's approval and was emancipated at the age of 16.

Carla was not part of the show Madmen because she was too famous for being on the show, according to the makers of the show. 

She was handcuffed for three weeks for hours for a movie ' Gerald's Game.' 

She said it was a physically challenging role, and she even got bruises on her hands. 

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