Who Is Carlos Alman? Father Of Cardi B

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Who Is Carlos Alman? Father Of Cardi B

Carlos Alman is the father of American rapper Cardi B. He came to the spotlight because of his two famous daughters, Cardi B and Hennessy.

He was born in the year 1958. He has his birthday on March 18. He was a taxi driver. 

He is a Dominican citizen by nationality. 

Carlos Alman with her daughter, Cardi B.
Carlos Alman with her daughter, Cardi B. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Carlos 

Carlos's first marriage was with a woman named Esperanza Almanzer. They are parents to six children, four sons and three daughters with Esperanza.

After that, he got married to Clara Alamanzar. They tied the knot back in 1991. 

Carlos shared two daughters, Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina, with Clara. They were married for 14 years and later got divorced in 2005.

Children of Carlos Alman.
Children of Carlos Alman. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Carlos is 64 years old. His net worth is unknown. However, his daughter Cardi has a net worth of $8 Million.

 Carlos Alman's daughter, Cardi B.
Carlos Alman's daughter, Cardi B. Source: Instagram

Carlos’s Daughter Doesn’t Want Him To Be On TV

Carlos is well known to be the father of one of the biggest rappers, Cardi.

His daughter has a successful career and they share a perfect father-daughter relationship. 

Years back, one of the interviewers tried to interview his daughter Cardi when she was with him and her daughter. 

Grandchildren of Carlos Alman.
Grandchildren of Carlos Alman. Source: Instagram

She didn’t want to give the interview, so she politely told the interviewer that she was not interested in talking. 

She was without makeup and had no idea the interviewer would show up without her knowing. 

She moved from there, but then the interviewer tried to interview Carlos, which was when Cardi got pissed.

She yelled at the interviewer, telling her not to keep her dad, Carlos, on TV. 

She said that her dad doesn’t walk with the security like her, and putting him on TV would cause him harm. 

Carlos’s daughter was being protective of him and felt disrespected as the interviewer showed up with a camera without his consent.  

Carlos Was Called Rapist 

Carlos’s daughter Cardi and Nicki Minaj’s rivalry is not new. 

A lot is happening between them from the beginning, but things have become more ugly and messy. 

This happened after Nicki’s husband shared a live video and called Cardi’s husband to fight. 

After there was circulation of Offset cheating on Cardi, which was fake. 

Then after that, one of Nicki’s fans called Cardi’s dad Carlos a convicted rapist and a pedophile, which made Cardi respond. 

The fan offended her by accusing her dad of something he didn’t do. 

She was so mad for bringing her family down and wrote that the actual rapist and pedophile would start crying if she opened her mouth. 

Cardi Doesn’t Like Parties

Cardi talked about her surprise birthday party that her husband threw on her birthday. 

Her husband told her he had arranged a nice birthday dinner a day after her birthday, so she was excited about it.

She had no idea where and how her husband would take her for birthday dinner, but she starved herself to enjoy the feast. 

She then went to a restaurant with her husband, but it was not a dinner thing; there were many people, so her husband threw her a surprise birthday party. 

She was shocked but was not happy about it. She feels that she has something wrong even when she is sober, and getting drunk in front of people, she doesn’t even know what she would do, so she doesn’t like parties much.

Cardi Gets Anxiety Driving 

Cardi revealed that she got a Lamborghini Truck as her birthday gift from her husband. 

Also, she has a Lamborghini car, which she bought just before her birthday. 

She then revealed that she didn’t know how to drive, so Jimmy Kimmel offered that he would teach her. 

Cardi said that she gets anxious every time she tries to learn to drive, so she stopped trying to learn. 

She proclaimed that she is a great passenger because she could quickly tell about the people who weren’t good drivers.

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