Who Is Carmen Joiner? Girlfriend Of Mason Dye

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Who Is Carmen Joiner? Girlfriend Of Mason Dye

Carmen Joiner is the girlfriend of Mason Dye, who is an American actor mainly known for his role as Garrett in Teen Wolf. 

Her boyfriend is also the new cast member of Stranger Things Season 4. 

Beautiful Carmen Joiner.
Beautiful Carmen Joiner. Source: Instagram

Is Carmen Married?

Carmen is not married to Mason yet. 

He even took her to the premiere of his show, but he hasn’t publicly spoken about his love life. 

They post each other's pictures on their social media handle. 

But they are a happy couple and have been enjoying each other's company. They are not engaged too. 

Carmen Joiner with her boyfriend, Mason Dye.
Carmen Joiner with her boyfriend, Mason Dye. Source: Instagram


Her boyfriend, Mason is 28 years old. 

Net Worth

Her boyfriend's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor. 

Mason Talked About Joining The Cast Of Stranger Things                  

Mason is the new face in Netflix originals Stranger Things season 4. He is playing the role of Jason in season 4. 

He said that he auditioned for Jason as he was approached for that role, and he got that part. 

He said that the process was really funny as the audition process was three months long, and when he was finalized for that part after months, he got excited for a day only. 

After that, he got terrified as he was going to be a part of one of the biggest shows, and he was nervous as he was feeling the pressure. 

He said the emotion was a lot to handle, and he got anxious. But the cast and crew of the show were very welcoming, so he felt comfortable. 

He also discussed his speech part in the show. 

He said he is not a public speaker, and he was not aware that he was going to do that speech scene in front of 300 people. 

He said in the first take of that scene he was shaking as he got nervous. 

But the crew made him so comfortable, and it felt like home to him, and he got comfortable doing the speech scene.

Mason Says Volume 2 Of Stranger Things Is Insane

Volume 1 of season 4 of Stranger Things blew the audience's mind. 

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the second part. In an interview, Jason talked about volume 2. 

He said he can’t give away the spoiler of the show as he would get in trouble. 

He said that he had seen episode 8 and said that the episode is great. 

He said that the Duffer Brothers, who is the creator of the show, has done an amazing job with this season. 

The horror things and every element of the show are just amazing. He is excited for this episode to release. 

He described Volume 2 as insane. 

Mason Talked About His Role In Stranger Things

Mason is playing the role of Jason in season four of the show. He is the antagonist in the show. 

He said that it was one of the hardest roles to portray because, in real life, he is a very chilled kind of guy. 

He has not even raised a voice to anyone in his life. And to play a bully and mean character was really tough for him. 

It was very intimidating and difficult for him to play Jason.

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