Who Is Carmen Larbalestier? Mother Of Lewis Hamilton

by Manisha Sun Aug 27 2023 Updated On Sun Sep 17 2023
Who Is Carmen Larbalestier? Mother Of Lewis Hamilton

Carmen Larbalestier is the mother of British racing driver Lewis Hamilton, who competes in Formula One

She is an entrepreneur and homemaker. She was married to Anthony Hamilton, who is a racing car manager

They got separated in 1987. Now she is married to Raymond Lockhart. They are parents to their two beautiful daughters, Nicola Lockhart and Samantha Lockhart.

Carmen Larbalestier's ex-husband and their son.
Carmen Larbalestier's ex-husband and their son. Source: Pinterest

Is Lewis Dating Anyone?

Lewis is not dating anyone at the moment. He is single. However, he has been linked to big celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Kendall, Rihanna, and Rita Ora

Recently, he was linked to singer Shakira as they were spotted together at the Spanish Grand Prix for dinner. 

But they never confirmed their relationship. 


Her son Lewis is 38 years old

Net Worth

Her son Lewis's net worth is estimated to be $285 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a racing driver. 

Carmen Larbalestier with her son, Lewis Hamilton. Source: Pinterest

Lewis Met King Charles When He Was 13

Lewis shared that McLaren signed him when he was 13 years old. 

He said it was the factory's opening ceremony, and Prince Charles came there to inaugurate the factory. 

He said he was in his go-kart, and the Prince Charles came to him, knelt, and asked him about his dream. 

He told Prince Charles that he wanted to become a world champion. He met him for the second time in the palace. 

He shared he had to take specific steps and follow specific rules before he could meet him. 

He said he took two steps, clutched his knee, and put the sword on his shoulder. 

He shared he was very nervous about putting a sword on the King's shoulder as it was very sharp. 

He said, at last, King told him that he had come a long way. King Charles remembered him and his dream, which he said when they met when he was 13.

Hamilton Does Not Like To Drive

In an interview, Lewis revealed that he does not like to drive. He said people often ask him whether he likes driving, and his answer is no. 

He added he likes to drive unless he is going fast. He said he was a good passenger and he handed his car keys to his friend. 

He said he is very stressed when he sees traffic. 

He shared sometimes he likes to drive his old mini copper to the place where he grew up and no one would expect him to go a Mini Cooper. 

Lewis Is A Co-Owner Of The Broncos

Lewis is part owner of Denver Broncos, which is an American football franchise

He said when he was nine years old, he played Madden on Super Nintendo, and he became aware of the football there. 

He said he loved the Super Bowl and attended many Super Bowl

He said when his sister told him about this opportunity, he could not deny it. He added it was an honor to get such an opportunity.

He shared back then, there was a lack of black ownership and equity, so he wanted to push himself to diversity. 

Hamilton Begged To Be In Top Gun

Lewis said he loves movies and has started his own production company.

He admitted that he wanted to be in front of a camera at one point. He shared he begged Tom Cruise to put him in Top Gun, Maverick

He told Tom, he would play any role in the movie and was ready to be in the background. 

Tom gave him the role of one of the pilots in the movie, but because of his tight schedule, he could not do the film. 

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