Carmen Milian- Truth About Christina Milian Mother

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Carmen Milian- Truth About Christina Milian Mother

Carmen Milian is the mother of American actress, singer, and songwriter Christina Milian. She is also an actress and producer by her profession. She was married to Don Flores.

Carmen has three daughters with Dan. She left her husband and moved to Los Angeles after several years of marriage, and in 1994, the couple legally separated. 

She is single now.

Carmen Milian ex-husband and daughter 
Carmen Milian ex-husband and daughter  Source: Instagram

She is active in social media such as Instagram, with huge fan followings. She has 62.7k followers in her Instagram account.

Relationship Status of Christina Milian 

Christina was married to The- Dream, who's a music producer. They both were married for three months and got separated. 

They had a daughter together named Violet Madison. In 2014 Christina was in a relationship with Lil Wayne, who is a rapper. 

A year after dating each other, they broke up. They had done many songs together and also had done several concerts as they both were a singer.

She then dated Matt Pokora. In 2017 they both met each other in France and started dating each other. 

After two years of dating, Christina got pregnant with Matt's baby. They had their first child in 2020

The couple are still together, and in 2021 they gave birth to another child. Christina and her husband have completed four years of their relationship and still counting more. 

They are happily spending time with children.

About Christina Milian 

Her daughter Christina's full name is Christine Marie Flores, born on 26 September 1981. Her parents raised her in Maryland with her two siblings. 

She has been interested in acting and singing since her childhood. She came to Los Angles to be an actress. 

She has shown her appearance in many movies. Her one of the best movies are Resort Love, Love Don't Cost A Thing and Be Cool

She is also a singer who has sung many beautiful songs named Dip it Low, Say I, and When You Look at me

She is now living with her husband and children.

Carmen Milian with her grandchild
Carmen Milian with her grandchild  Source: Instagram 

Carmen's Daughter Christina Hides About her Pregnancy

Christina was the one who never wanted to be a parent while she was a teen, but now she is blessed with three babies. 

While she was out for her shooting, she hid about her third pregnancy with everyone. 

She enjoyed that shooting very much as she got no issues because of her pregnancy. 

But she got into trouble while her stomach started getting bigger. She was confused about how's she going to tell to everyone. 

But later, she told everyone about her pregnancy. She didn't reveal her pregnancy as she didn't want anyone to pay extra attention to her just because of her pregnancy.

Carmen Milian with her daughters
Carmen Milian with her daughters  Source: Instagram 

Christina Was Blamed for Being a Gold Digger

Christina has earned a lot of fame as a singer and actress. Back in time, she dated many famous personalities. 

But her relationships with those favorite stars were of a concise time, and because of that, some of her fans assumed she was a gold digger

People thought that she was dating men for their money only and frequently changes men as soon as she found someone richer than the previous one. 

Her fans called her a gold digger. Christina thought to speak about that comment, so she said that she was not what people were thinking. 

She also said that she had everything she wanted in her life, and she didn't need any men to fulfill her requirements. 

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born on 3 October 1963 in Cuba. Her current age is 57 years old. Her exact height and weight are not available. She is Cuban by her nationality.

Net Worth 

According to sources, her net worth is 1.5 Million dollars.

Her daughter has a net worth of $6 Million. Her source of income is actress, singer, and songwriter. 

The yearly income of an American actress is $91,401 per year.

Christina Got Cheated by her Ex-Boyfriend

Christina had dated many people in her life. But her first love of life was Nick Cannon. They both dated back in 2004

She loved Nick very much but ended up getting cheated by him. According to Christina, when she checked Nick's phone, she saw very inappropriate messages with someone else.

After seeing those messages of him, she nearly broke down. Nick was living in Christina's house, and she had no idea about what to do how to react after seeing those chats. 

She loved her so much that she couldn't imagine her life without him. But on the other hand, her then boyfriend Nick expressed no regrets for what he did to her. 

He agreed that he cheated her, and that's not a big deal for him. 

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