Who Is Carol Gluck? Mother Of Will Gluck

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Who Is Carol Gluck? Mother Of Will Gluck

Carol Gluck is the mother of Will Gluck, who is a director. She used to teach history at Columbia University, and she was the president of a group that studied Asia in 1996

She has been to many other places to teach, like Tokyo and Harvard. She is a Japanologist and knows a lot about Japan

She got her education from Wellesley and Columbia, and she’s done much important work in history and Asian studies.

She is married to Peter L. Gluck, an architect. They have two children, Thomas and Will.

Carol Gluck's husband.
Carol Gluck's husband. Source: Pinterest

Her Husband Is A Popular Architect

Will lives in a fantastic house in Los Angeles designed by his dad, Peter Gluck, an architect. 

The house is modern and practical, and it is an excellent fit for their family. 

Simple and intelligent designs inspire their house, and it is famous in Los Angeles house. 

They didn’t use fancy materials like marble because they thought it was just showing off. 

Peter wanted the house open without a gate, but they decided to have one. 

Will said that making a house is a bit like making a movie. He and his dad work together well, but sometimes, Will needs a little guidance from his dad. 

Will’s dad and mom have notable roles in his movies. His dad has appeared in almost all of them, and his mom’s books are often in the background. The Gluck family is a talented bunch. 

Will’s brother is an architect, too, and the family believes in doing things with care and creativity, which is rare nowadays. 

They even built houses together by hand in the past to understand how things are made. 

This new house in Los Angeles is a modern version of that dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. 

Will Gluck with his wife.
Will Gluck with his wife. Source: Instagram

Son Married Life

Will is married to Trista Gladden. They have been married for a long time. They have two kids together, Lexi and Taryn.

One of their daughters, Taryn, has been in some movies. 

Will Gluck with his daughter.
Will Gluck with his daughter. Source: Instagram


Carol was born on November 12, 1941. She is 81 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

Will's net worth is about $13 million.

Will's Career

Will started his career writing for TV shows like The John Larroquette Show

Later, he directed and produced movies like Fired Up, Easy A, and Friends with Benefits

He even created his own production company and worked on many projects.

He went to school in New York and then to Cornell University, where he studied Asian studies and graduated when he was 22. 

Will Feels Making Movie Is Like Building A House 

Will is the director of Peter Rabbit 2. He talked about how making movies is a bit like building a house. 

The way a film is put together and how it flows can be similar to how an architect designs a building. 

He also said that making everyone happy with the movie is like an architect creating a building that people find pleasing. 

Brad Pitt appeared in some of Will’s movies like Peter Rabbit 2 and Trolls

It was fun for Will to work with his family on these film projects. 

Making and showing movies during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging because many movie theatres were closed. 

Will had to watch the movie at home. But he still wanted the movie to feel like a big-screen experience for the audience. 

Will thinks people’s movie-watching habits have changed. 

People now watch movies for different reasons, not as often, and he believes the future is about watching movies together with family and talking about them afterward. 

This shared experience is what makes movies unique. 

Will also shared some movies and TV shows he recently liked, such as No Buddy and Dave

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