Who Is Carol James? Mother Of Jesse Gregory James

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Carol James is the mother of American entrepreneur, automotive mechanic, and TV personality Jesse Gregory James. 

She was married to her ex-husband, Larry James. She shared three children with Larry. She was an American citizen by nationality. 

About Carol’s Son Jesse

Jesse is an entrepreneur, automotive mechanic, and TV personality. 

He is well known for his appearance in the reality TV series Jesse James: Monster Garage, and Jesse James is a dead man. 

He was born in the year 1969. He grew up with his two siblings in Long Beach, California. 

Carol James's son Jesse Gregory James.
Carol James's son Jesse Gregory James. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Jesse

Jesse has been married five times in his life. 

His first marriage was with Karla James. They got hitched back in 1991 and shared two children, a son and a daughter. Their marriage lasted only till 2002. 

Jesse then got married to Janine Lindemulder in 2002. They have a daughter together. Their marriage was very short-lived, as two years later, they got divorced. 

In 2005, he married his third wife, Sandra Bullock. They remained husband and wife for five years and then divorced.

His fourth marriage was with Alexis DeJoria. He tied the knot with Alexis in 2013. They ended their marriage In 2022.

As of 2023, he is married to Bonnie Rotten. They started dating back in  2021, and shortly after his divorce from his fourth wife, he married Bonnie. Jesse and Bonnie are living a happy life together. 

Jesse Gregory James with his wife.
Jesse Gregory James with his wife. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

His son Jesse is 54 years old. He has a net worth of $100 Million.

Jesse Destroyed His Own Life

Jesse talked about his rehab journey in an interview with Graham Bensinger

He opened up that he had a drinking addiction for a long time. 

He had done so many things in his past that caused discomfort. 

To overcome his drinking addiction, he started overworking. He felt so alone during that time and started realizing what he had done. 

He was never a good dad or a good husband. He felt that he was all alone and everyone hated him. 

He couldn’t ignore the bad things happening because it was happening all because of himself. 

He was the one who self-destroyed his life, and to fix everything, he decided to go to rehab. 

Initially, he thought joining rehab was nonsense for him, but later, he found himself in a position where he knew that entering the rally was the best thing he had done. 

Jesse Cheated On His Wife, Sandra Bullock

Jesse married his third wife, Sandra Bullock, back in 2005. Their marriage ended terribly as Jesse cheated on Sandra

He had several relationships with different women when he was married to Sandra.

After his infidelity news broke, he became the most hated man in America.

He received a lot of backlash from the public. Jesse himself admitted that whatever he did was awful, and while sleeping with other women, he knew he would be caught. Still, he did it because that was what he wanted. 

He and Sandra had adopted a son named Louis, and after his all messy feud with Sandra, he was not allowed to meet his son.

He stated that he was guilty of ruining a perfect marriage and family. 

Jesse Denied The Accusations

Jesse has a history of four failed marriages. His past marriages ended because of his infidelity, and his current marriage was also on the verge of ending. 

His wife Bonnie, whom he married in 2022, filed for divorce five months after marriage. 

Bonnie revealed that Jesse slept with other women while she was pregnant with their first child. 

She shared the picture of her sonogram and claimed that Jesse was unfaithful. 

On the other hand, Jesse denied the accusations made by Bonnie, stating that he could never think of doing it and only loved her. 

However, their marriage didn’t end, as they were able to work on their differences. 

Jesse Turned Down Sylvester Stallone

Jesse has been an automotive mechanic for a long time. He has made motorbikes and has sold them to many well-known celebrities. 

But he has a policy of his own. He doesn’t make bikes for the people who he doesn’t like. 

He has turned down Fred Durst because he didn’t like him. After he turned down the offer, they became friends. 

He also turned down one of the famous actors, Sylvester Stallone

He received a call from Sylvester, who asked him to make a yellow motorbike to match Sylvester’s new Ferrari and Corvette. 

He denied making him a bike because he didn’t like the idea of a motorbike. 

He even talked to Sylvester and told him that yellow is the color for chickens, and he won’t paint that color on his bikes. 

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