Who Is Carol Minogue? Mother Of Kylie Minogue

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Who Is Carol Minogue? Mother Of Kylie Minogue

Carol Minogue is the mother of Australian singer, songwriter, and actress Kylie Minogue. 

Her husband's name is Ronald Charles Minogue. She has three children, including Kylie. 

Carol, herself is a former ballet dancer by her profession. She is a British.

Carol Minogue with her daughter, Kylie Minogue, and husband, Ronald Charles Minogue.
Carol Minogue with her daughter, Kylie Minogue, and husband, Ronald Charles Minogue. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Carol

Carol is married to her husband, Ronald Minogue. The couple married each other when Carol was only 20 years old. 

They share three children, two daughters named Kylie and Dannii Minogue and a son named Brenden Minogue

The couple has been married for more than 40 years and is very happy. 

Carol is also a grandmother with two children. 

Carol Minogue's children.
Carol Minogue's children. Source: Instagram


Carol's age and height are unknown.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Carol is under review, whereas her daughter, Kylie's net worth is $100 million

Left Dreams For The Family

Carol was a professional ballet dancer of her time. 

She was passionate about dancing and always thought of making a career in dancing and being a successful dancer, but she could not fulfill her dreams.

She gave up her career so that she could pay attention to her children and her husband. 

After she gave up her career, Carol's youngest girl Dannii gave tribute to her. 

She showed her honor to her mom's dance in the promotion of her show. 

She opened up that she wanted to get her mother's ballet shoes framed that she found. 

That ballet shoes of hers meant a lot to Carol. It was a warm gesture by Carol's girl for her. 

Kylie Had A Cancer 

Back in 2005, in the month of May, Kylie was diagnosed with cancer.

She had breast cancer, and it was not an easy journey. 

When she knew about her cancer, she got terrified, and she had many negative thoughts in her mind. 

She was taken to the hospital, admitted there, and had surgery and chemotherapy

Kylie had her mom's support and her family's love at her worse time. 

She fought cancer, and the way she handled herself in that journey was inspiring to herself as well as many people going through the same situation. 

She didn't give up and tried being positive every time, and that's how she managed to defeat cancer.

Kylie Filed A Lawsuit Against Kylie

Some time back, Kylie filed a lawsuit against Kylie Jenner, a well-known model, for Trademarking. 

As both have their name Kylie, and they both wanted to launch beauty products from their name, there was a controversy between them. 

She won the trademark battle with Kylie. In one of the interviews, Kylie clearly said that she had done it to earn the name and create a brand, so she had to protect it anyhow.

She has a brand name with her name, and had only responsibility was to protect her name, and because of that, she filed a lawsuit against Kylie Jenner

While she knew about Kylie Jenner's Trademarking, she felts that she got someone older person with the same. 

She took that legal issue as just a business thing, but as she was the one using the Kylie name as a brand, she won that lawsuit. 

But the issue was solved as both of them had agreed between them.

Helped Abused Children

Kylie has shown her support to the children who have been abused. 

She supported a campaign working for the welfare of abused kids and helped that organization collect funds for those kids so they could help them. 

With her help and all the work done by the campaign, they were able to raise $98 Million.

Kylie has shown her full participation in charity work and did everything possible to help needy people. 

She also opened up that sharing an abuse story is a very courageous thing that any child could do in their life.

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