Carol Rainey Swindell- Who Is Cole Swindell Mother

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Carol Rainey Swindell- Who Is Cole Swindell Mother

Carol Rainey Swindell is the late mother of American country singer and songwriter Cole Swindell.

She was married to William Keith Swindell and shared three kids. 

Her husband died in 2013 at the age of 65. She died in the year 2021. She was an American citizen by nationality. 

Carol Rainey Swindell's husband and their son.
Carol Rainey Swindell's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

Carol’s Death Broke Her Son

Carol died in the year 2021. Her death was highly saddening, especially for her son Cole. 

She had been for her son Cole from the very beginning, and after her death, her son was heartbroken. 

Her son Cole revealed about her death through his Instagram. He traveled to Georgia as soon as he got his mom’s death news. 

He honored her through his Instagram and mentioned his mom’s importance. His mom supported him and played a significant role in his life as well as in his career. 

His mom was the one who always made him see what he had achieved in his life and to always be humble. 

With her gone, Cole lost one of the most valuable people of his life. 

About Carol’s Son Cole 

Cole is a professional singer and songwriter. He is well known for his songs You Should Be Here, Never Say Never and Let Me See Ya. 

He was born in 1983 and has his birthday on June 30. He grew up with his two brothers and a stepbrother. 

Married Life Of Cole 

Cole is not married yet, but he is happily engaged. He is engaged to his fiance, Courtney Little.

Cole has known Courtney for a very long time. He met her years back at a NASCAR event. 

They exchanged their cell numbers and talked to each other as friends as good friends until he cast her in his music video.

In 2021, Cole cast Courtney on his song Some Habits during the shooting process of the music video. 

They got close. Shortly after, they started dating, and in May 2023, he proposed to her, and she happily said yes.

Cole Swindell and his fiancee.
Cole Swindell and his fiancee. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Cole is 40 years old. He has a net worth of $3 Million. His source of income is singing. 

Cole Misses His Dad

Cole released a song titled Dad’s Old Number in 2018. He talked about his song in an interview and explained what the song was about. 

For Cole, that song is not just a song but an emotion. He wrote that song for his dad, who passed away in 2013. 

He was very close to his dad, and after he passed away, he called his father’s old number many times. 

He knows that his dad won’t pick up, but still, he calls it, and some unknown old lady picks up the phone and hangs up. 

He had called the number many times and did the same thing because he knew the lady on the other side wouldn’t understand his feelings. 

Also, he said that people who have lost someone close to them and have their phone number saved can relate to his song very well.

Cole Is A Big Fan Of Braves 

Cole has always been a big fan of the Atlanta Braves, a baseball team. 

He grew up watching them with his dad and has many memories; in 2022, he saw the three live matches, which was a significant experience for him. 

He also traveled to LA to see another match. He opened up that Braves means a lot to him. 

As he is not just a casual fan, he was asked if he would get a Braves tattoo in one of the interviews in case the team wins. 

He said getting a tattoo is big for him. However, if his favorite team wins the match, he would consider getting a Braves tattoo. 

He also said that he sat next to Andre 3000, a well-known rapper, and got to talk and cheer for the Braves with him, which made him happy.

Cole’s Face On Alcohol

Cole partnered with Sugarland Shine, a liquor company producing moonshine, so they printed this face on their moonshine bottle. 

He talked about the partnership and flavor in an interview with Bobby Bone. He told me about the peppermint flavor and said it’s an alcohol made of peppermint. 

The taste of the alcohol feels like melted peppermint, and when someone drinks it, he thinks it will burn their mouth and then their face would turn red. 

He also said that when he drinks tequila, his face gets hot and red.

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